Knit This Week (and the past month)

It seems that I've been working A LOT of Wednesdays recently and have not been able to participate in the weekly Yarn Along.  But here it is Wednesday and I'm on an off day!  So I"m joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books.  While I don't feel that I've gotten much accomplished in the past month (work really does get in the way), I have at least finished two hats, one headband and started on a third hat.

The blue, green and purple hat was made for a friend.  She had purchased the yarn and some crochet hooks and was going to watch YouTube and teach herself how to make a hat.  In the end she called me and asked if would be willing.  I"m not pleased with the way this hat turned out.  The pattern was Be Kind.  I started Bankhead with the leftover yarn and will be playing a rousing game of Yarn Chicken.

The red hat was made at my mothers request.  She bought a new coat and needed a new hat.  The pattern is Hat in Slipped Stitch Ribbing for a lady.  I think it's too small, but she is happy with it.  Who am I to complain.

Miss C wanted a Colorado headband.  I made her a Colorado hat last year, but did not account for her glasses so it is tight on her head.  I sewed velcro on the ends of the headband so she can wrap it.  That way it will also adjust as she grows.

I've also worked on several other projects.  My goal for 2017 is to not buy any yarn but rather finish projects that were started in the last year.  It is tough for sure.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday.  What are you making?


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