Knitting This Week

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly yarn along.  I'm joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books.  I thought I would get a lot of knitting done on the airplane to Orange County, but I was so tired...we walked a lot at Disneyland and we played hard.

While I didn't get as much knitting done as I had planned, I did FINALLY finish the Maisie sweater that I was knitting for Miss C's school silent auction.  I originally decided to knit this sweater because I had found 12 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan at a crafter thrift store in Boulder.  When I checked Ravelry this pattern popped up.  It's cute, but this yarn is a pain in the rear end  to knit with.  As hard as it was to knit with, it was worse to seam the sweater with.

The only ribbon that I could find that looked halfway decent was black and it is 3/4 inch.  When I sewed it on, I inadvertently sewed over the button holes.  By mutual consent the mama's at crafting and I decided snaps would be best.

I am listening to Nora Roberts The Dark Witch.  It's a part of another trilogy.  I have to admit, I love Nora Roberts.  I finished Compound Fractures by Stephen White.  It wasn't my favorite book of the series and it was a continuation of the last book, Line of Fire.  There were some things that I didn't remember from that book which may have helped make more sense to Compound Fractures.  I am sad the series is over.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday.

The Weekend

Our weekends are not a Saturday & Sunday type of weekend.  Rather our weekends are usually Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays.  This past "weekend" we spent out weekend in Southern California at Disneyland.  

It was our annual birthday trip.  Miss C turned FIVE!!  Mama turned a lot older.  For the last three years we have celebrated our birthdays with the princesses!  This year however, we got to meet Chewbacca and Darth Vader!  That was the highlight of mamas weekend.  

On Wednesday we were at California Adventure.  Miss C rode the Hollywood Hotel Tower of Terror ride.  As soon as we were done she wanted to do it again.  Same on Thursday at Disneyland.  We rode the Star Tours ride twice and the Hyperspace Mountain Roller Coaster once (but wanted to do it again).  I'm afraid we may have a dare devil on our hands.  

How can you not have a great birthday when everyone you see tells you happy birthday?
Meeting Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse




Darth Vader

Knitting This Week

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly yarn along.  I'm joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books.  It has been a busy couple of weeks for me and my knitting projects have taken a back burner to life!

This past Sunday I finished up the left front of the purple sweater (the one that I ripped out a couple of weeks ago) and was very excited that I was close to the making up, but then realized that I still had to knit the sleeves... Ugh.  The deadline for turning in handmade items for the silent auction is Saturday.  I have let the coordinator know that while I will not make that deadline, I am close to finishing.

I got some money for Christmas.  I bought yarn.  The blue, white, red and yellow yarn will be Colorado hats.  Bryan wants one and I may make one for myself.  I will probably also make one for my brother.  I've got two patterns- one is a knit pattern and the other is a crochet pattern.  I like both of them and may do both.
And look at this gorgeous yarn!  This was a total splurge from Fancy Tiger here in Denver.  It is from the Meow Collection from Ancient Arts Fiber Collection.  The color is Calico!  I bought the fingering weight yarn and I plan on turning it into socks!  (Shocking I know).  
 I have not started it yet, but this is my new book.  Stephen White is a local Boulder author.  His main character is psychologist Alan Gregory.  This is actually the last book of the Alan Gregory series.  I really like this series since it takes place in my home town.  I love knowing exactly where the landmarks are!
Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

Goals for 2016

It's only in the last couple of years that I have listed goals for the new year rather than cheesy resolutions like lose weight, be nice, etc. 

For 2016 I would of course like to lose weight and be nice to everyone but that just might not be possible.  I'll be as nice as I can (sometimes the general public is annoying) and weight isn't as important as being healthy.  

* I am going to set doable financial goals for 2016.   And I am going to blog about it.  You will be my accountability people!  For January my goal is to pay off two past due medical debts.  Those debts are close to $500.  

* I said for 2015 I was going to learn a foreign language.  I downloaded the Duolingo App onto my iphone and ipad.  While we (Corrine & I) didn't learn a whole new language, it has become a game for us to play together.  We will continue to play both Spanish and German in 2016.

* I am going to take more time for myself.  And I don't mean time to knit as time for myself.   I mean time in addition to knitting.  I downloaded an app called Headspace.  It's a meditation app.  I will take 10 minutes a day and do one mediation.  

* I will continue with Plexus.  I will try to work the business side of it to my best ability.  But I will continue to focus on my own health journey through Plexus.  

* I am going to finish all of my current on the needle projects.  I would like to start & finish all of the projects that I currently have yarn for.  I will not buy yarn to start a project this year (unless I need it to finish a project).  

* I would also like to run again.  I am going to sign up for the Bolder Boulder 10K race.  I will lose the competitiveness with myself time wise and accept that I will not run the BB in under an hour.  I will run for fun. 

I think that is a doable list for 2016.  I'll keep you posted.


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