Crocheted Pot Scrubbers

11:12 AM

Several years ago I got this pattern from a lady on the airplane.  The first year I made them I made little gift bags of three scrubbers and one knitted dish cloth for Christmas presents.   They are quite easy to make.

One yard of netting makes three scrubbers.   This netting was actually called scrubber mesh.

Cut netting width wise into 2 inch strips.  (2inx72in).  Gently knot six strips together and wind loosely into a ball.

With a size K crochet hook single crochet 3 stitches.
In 2nd stitch, SC 5 times.
Work around, working 2SC in each stitch until you reach the second knot.
Continue to work around, working 1SC in each stitch until you reach the last knot.
This is a good time to pull in all of the "tails" through to the wrong side (inside).
Work 1SC in every second stitch to finish.

It's also important to have a "helper"

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  1. They came out beautifully! Nice work :)

  2. Going to give this a try. My daughter wants some of these pot scrubbies as she received some several years ago from her Dad's wife. I do a lot of crochet so should have no trouble making these. Thank you for the info!


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