Knitting This Week

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly Yarn Along.  I'm joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books.  Did you know that Tin Can Knits is doing a 12 days of Christmas?  One pattern will be free everyday until Christmas.  Visit their website daily to find out what is available.

I should be working on the collar of the Maisie sweater.  But alas, I'm not.  I finished the right front and when I laid it all out together I noticed that I made TWO very significant mistakes on the left front close to the armpit and shoulder.  No problem right?  I'll just rip it back to the bottom of the arm hole and work to the shoulder.  Yeah.  Right.  Have I mentioned how much I don't like this yarn?  It's not easy to rip out and it's even harder to pick back up the stitches.  I ended up ripping the whole thing back.  Ball one was easy to rip out but ball two got so tangled that I just threw it away.  I have plenty of yarn.  I started over.
I am still reading A Breath of Eyre by Eve Marie Mont.  Don't bother reading it.  I just got the notice from Amazon that my library loan is about to expire.  This will be the third time I have to check out this book just to finish it.  I feel like I should just let it go, but I've only got 100 pages to go.  I kind of want to find out how it ends, but I have struggled with this book from the beginning.

I'm not sure what my week will bring next week with work and last minute shopping.  I want to wish all of you a safe and Merry Christmas!  Enjoy your time with family and loved ones.  I hope Santa is good to you.

Random Thoughts on Thursday

*  My 2015 Goodreads challenge was to read 100 books.  So far I have read 64 books.  I've got three going right now... One on my ipad, one audio book in my car, and a real book.  With the end of the year rapidly approaching I highly doubt that I'll read 36 books between now and then.

I don't know if I can lower the number to 75 for 2016.  I may have to challenge myself to read more books!  I hate that I did not accomplish my goals.  I don't think it was an out of reach goal.  In fact if I had listed all of the books that I have read to Miss C I would far surpass that goal.

I am flyingjen on Goodreads!

* I have debated for months on whether we should cancel our TV service.  We have significant debt that needs to be paid off and while I'm not sure exactly how much our TV service costs a month, I know it would be a good payment to debt.  I have begun to research alternate ways to watch TV.  We do have an active Netflix account and an inactive Hulu account.

Quite frankly one of the reasons I would like to keep our current service is the DVR.  I never watch live TV (unless it's with C).  One of the reasons Bryan would like to keep TV is the cycling channel.  We watch A LOT of cycling... The Tour de France and just about every other Tour available.

I have researched Sling TV, Amazon Prime, and Roku.  Do you have any of those devices/ subscriptions that you use to watch TV.  Or maybe another one that I am not aware of?

Knitting This Week

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly yarn along.  I'm joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books.  Once again, knitting has been slow,  I've been working on the silent auction sweater.  I did manage to knit up a little cup cozy for Miss C's teacher for the Christmas basket.

Teacher V is a coffee drink.  I always see her with a mug in her hand, so I thought it was only fitting to knit her a cup cozy.  The pattern I used is Cuter Than Caribou which is a little ironic because we are also giving her a Starbucks mug and gift card.   Caribou Coffees are few and far between here in Colorado.

I've been reading slowly as well.  I have been reading a Breathe of Eyre for weeks now.  I just have a hard time getting into it.  I read it, I put it down, I read it, I put it down.  I'm also reading The Wrong Mother by Sophie Hannah.  I had a hard time getting into it as well, although once I'm reading it I like the story.   I must be in a reading funk right now.  Which is too bad because I've got a lot of books I need and want to read.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

Random Thoughts on Thursday

*  Sunday night this beautiful big boy cried and cried and cried and held his left front paw in the air.  It broke my heart to hear his cries.  Monday he was listless and restless.  Tuesday I took him to the vet.  We thought it was his hips.  You know big dogs and their hips sometimes aren't good friends.  The vet poked and prodded his hips and joints but it wasn't until she started moving his head that he started crying and doing the same thing he did on Sunday.  The vet looked like she wanted to cry as well because she didn't want to see him hurt.  She said it's basically like a degenerative disk disease that humans get.  Now he's on a cocktail of anti-inflammatories and pain meds to see if that helps him.  She said surgery is an option, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there, he's nine and that's old for big dogs.  But we don't want him to be in pain or suffer either.

*  What a difference.  Last year we hung all of our Christmas lights wearing short sleeve t-shirts and jeans.  I think Bryan wore shorts.  This year there is still snow on the ground and it hasn't been all that warm to even melt the snow.  But it sure looks festive!

Happy Thursday my friends!

Knitting This Week

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly Yarn Along.  I'm joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books.

I worked frantically last week to finish this blanket for my cousin's baby.  I was able to meet that sweet baby this past Saturday.  I had a layover in Minneapolis and they came to my hotel with this beautiful new baby girl.
Thanksgiving morning between attending to all of the timers I had going for baking I hid ends.  I wasn't going to spend time weaving all those ends so I just tied knots and then hid them under the double crochets  I made this blanket using a crocheted basketweave with three strands of yarn.   I basically used all of my baby yarn stash- there was one very tiny ball of baby blue yarn left- so I called it done!
There was practically no reading this week.  I did finish The Escape, the audio book by David Baldacci, I was listening to.  I haven't started another yet.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday.


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