Norwegian Sour Cream Waffles

Back in March The Denver Post had a recipe in the food section of the paper for Norwegian Sour Cream Waffles.  Shortly after I clipped the recipe we made them for breakfast.  Quite simply I think they are the best waffles.  EVER.  The recipe says it makes 10-12 waffles.  The only time I made that many was when I doubled the recipe (to freeze some for future breakfasts.).  Doesn't matter.  We inhale them whenever I make them.

Norwegian Sour Cream Waffles

5 eggs
1/2 C Sugar
1 C flour
1 C sour cream
1 tsp ground cardamom
4 Tbsp melted butter

Beat eggs and sugar together 5-10 minutes with electric mixer.  With rubber spatula, alternately add 1 cup of the flour, then the cardamom, then the sour cream.  Stir in remaining flour with the melted butter.  Set aside for 10 minutes.  Then bake in a waffle iron.

I make the recipe pretty much as stated except I mix the eggs and sugar first like it says to and then I add the flour, cardamom and sour cream and mix that with the mixer then I add the melted butter and mix that in.  I have only spread a little bit of butter on them when they are done and I've never used syrup.  Doesn't matter.  They are tasty plain.

Yarn Along

It's only been two weeks since I joined in weekly Yarn Along, but it seems like much longer.  We've been very busy here.  That being said, I have made small progress on my Ten Stitch Blanket.  I've decided to do shades of green and brown for this blanket.  We'll see how it turns out.
It's a pretty easy pattern to work, once I figured it out.   The corners I do have to pay attention to, mostly in the counting.

I finished Fifty Shades of Grey.  Oh where to start on that?  First off, the writing is not very good.  But then again, you are not reading the book for its writing.  There is a lot of sex.  There is some sort of story line.  But it completely sucked me in and I had to read it.  I've got to find someone who has the second book so I can read it soon.  I'm not sure what kind of wait list there is at the library.  I did hear that libraries in Florida and Georgia are not stacking these books.  A friend who read it before I did had this to say "Oh. My. I need to get me an old lady church fan."  She's not far off.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Wow.  Time sure does fly.  Life has gotten so busy.  Spring always is.  But I think it is even busier now chasing a 16 month old while trying to plant the garden and clean up the yard.  Plus this month I've been at work three days a week.

With the exception of the tomato and pepper seedlings that I've got growing in pots on the kitchen counter, the garden  was planted as of this afternoon.  I'll plant the tomatoes and peppers this weekend.   The seed in the garden I used was old, so I planted several seeds per hole.  I'll thin later.  I say that now, we'll see.  I'm not so good when it comes to thinning my garden.
before weeding...
after weeding...

Yesterday was the first anniversary of the Mile High Swappers.  There was joint swap at Cure Organic Farms outside of Boulder.  People came from the Boulder swap group, the Denver group and the Fort Collins group.  There was so much homemade goodness to choose from.  I made strawberry-jalapeno jam, strawberry-lemon marmalade, and Victoria (Rhubarb) Sauce.
This is what I came home with.  I got lots of bread products.  Homemade whole wheat, a loaf of Swedish bread, Challah,  carrot-apple muffins, a bag of homemade oatmeal cream pies (think little debbie), homemade chocolate peanut butter candy bar, granola, peach syrup, ham and beans, and lemon curd.

Plus there was a raffle to make money for a give back program.  One of the swappers was buys getting local businesses to donate their wares for us to win.  I scored a gift certificate to a farm stand and a five pound rib roast.  Yum.   All in all it was a great swap and I can't wait for the next one.

Today was a busy day as well.  This is the first time I've sat down all day.  And on that note I'm going to bed.

Yarn Along

This week I am joining the weekly Yarn Along.  It's all about books and knitting.  Two of my favorite things.  I actually got some of each accomplished this week!  Mostly because I was on a mission to finish my Radiating Star Blanket and because it rained for two afternoons.

I did finally finish the blanket (Woo-Hoo).
Even though I used six skeins of yarn that were all of the same dye lot there is that section that is a bit lighter than the rest.  It almost looks like I did  it on purpose.  But I didn't.  I didn't even notice it until I spread it out on the bed to take a picture of it.

Yesterday I started a Ten Stitch Blanket.  I think it should go pretty fast since there only ten stitches per row.  The corners do a take a little time because I have to pay attention to what row I'm on for the wrap and turn.  I started out with a lime green that was left from a baby sweater.  I have 5 skeins of green in various shades of green.
I think I will make the center rectangle in this green.  I'm not sure how to do the rest of the rows.  I'm thinking of each round a different shade and just make it random.  What do you think?  Or should I start light and gradually get darker?  I'm open to suggestions.

I finished American Wife.  It was basically a narrative of the main character's life as she's looking back on the decisions she's made in her life.  The book begins and ends while she is the First Lady.  I thought the first two-thirds of the book was pretty good, but I was a little disappointed in the last section.  The timeline jumped from when she was in her early 40's to her 60's.

I started Fifty Shade of Grey.  I'm only a few chapters into the book (they haven't had "relations" yet).  The writing is not very good.  But quite frankly no one is going to read this book for the stellar writing.  I'll keep you posted.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday.

Stash Busting Challenge Update

A quick update on the 2012 Stash Busting Challenge started by Kelly over at Creating a Family Home.  First off, I should have counted the skeins of yarn in my stash.  All I did was take a picture of the stash on the coffee table.  I do know that I started with eight skeins of a light blue yarn that I used to make my Radiating Star Blanket.  I used six skeins of yarn.  I made the original blanket and then did the extended pattern to make it a bit bigger.  All of the skeins of blue yarn were from the same dye lot.  I didn't notice that some of it was a lighter blue than the rest.  I noticed it first when I spread the blanket out to take a picture of the finished project.  Luckily it looks like I had intended the pattern.  There are a couple of a knit instead of a yarn over.  But I'm not sure if anyone would notice if they are not a knitter.
Blanket number one is finished for the Linus Project.  Onward to the next project!

This Moment

This Moment-
- A Friday ritual.
A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week.
A simple, special, extraordinary moment.
Joining with Soule Mama.  I love to see your moments so feel free to leave a link.  Happy Friday!

Yarn Along

Two of the things I love most are books and knitting.  Two great things to do which I don't often have enough time to enjoy!  I'm joining Ginny and others for the weekly Yarn Along.

It was a busy week this past week.  I did get some rows done on my Radiating Star Blanket.  I am seven (!!!) rows from finishing and I hope to have it done by next weeks Yarn Along post.  I'm only working three days between now and then so it should be possible.  Although each row does take about 45 minutes to finish and I have found some mistakes.    Mostly the mistakes are knitted stitches when I should have yarn over.  It's far enough back that I am not going to rip it out and start those sections over.

The knitting that I can show a picture of is the Log Cabin style blanket that I am working on for the Linus Project.  It is part of my stash busting challenge.  Right now it is still small enough that I can carry it in my suitcase and work on it while watching mindless TV in hotel rooms across America.

I just finished reading The Witness by Nora Roberts.  It was a good fast read that kept me entertained.  Most Nora Roberts book do keep me entertained.
I am currently reading the American Wife and Fifty Shade of Grey is in my queue to read next.  I almost didn't pick up American Wife because I could not stand the book Prep written by the same author.  I thought it was a horrible book.  A friend had given me this one and I was without a book to read so I picked it up.  So far it isn't too bad.

I found Fifty Shades of Grey on the airplane and can't wait to start reading it.  I've heard a lot about this book.  OK, not really.  Most of what I've heard about it is that it is written by an English author and the bored American mommies are all over this book (they are calling it Mommy Porn).  But I found it and I'll read it next.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday.

Rhubarb Custard Pie

There is nothing that says spring like rhubarb!  The rhubarb in our garden is going to town.  I decided to make a pie.  I didn't have any strawberries on hand and didn't feel like going to the market.  So I made a Rhubarb Custard Pie using a recipe that my good friend Penny gave me.  I first made a single Foolproof Pie Crust with vodka.  (I think I got this recipe from Cooks Country or America's Test Kitchen, but I'm not sure which one).

Foolproof Pie Crust with Vodka- makes a single pie crust.  I don't have a big enough food processor to make a double, so I make this recipe twice if I need to.

In a food processor mix together-
1 1/4 C flour
1 T sugar
1/2 t salt
6 T chilled butter cut into 1/4 inch pieces
4 T chilled vegetable shortening (Crisco)
Mix until even clumps
Then add in pulses scraping the sides
2 T chilled Vodka (now come on, who doesn't have their vodka in the freezer anyway?)
2 T ice water 
Wrap and chill.  Work on a pretty evenly floured surface and roll out.
Rhubarb Custard Pie

3 eggs
2 2/3 T milk
2 C sugar
4 T flour
3/4 t nutmeg
4 C chopped rhubarb
1 T butter

Beat eggs slightly.  Add milk.  Mix sugar, flour and nutmeg.  Stir into egg mixture.  Add rhubarb.  Pour into a pastry lined pan and dot with butter.  Cover with lattice top (I had enough dough left over from the single pie crust to make my lattice top).  Bake in a 400 degree oven for 50-60 minutes until nicely browned.  Serve slightly warm.

As is my habit, I just chopped the fruit and didn't measure it before I put it into the egg mixture.  I know there was more than 4 cups of rhubarb and I neglected to add more flour.  My custard is a bit on the runny side in the middle.
But it still tastes great.


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