Knitting This Week

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly yarn along.  I'm joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books.  WooHoo.  Another finished project for this week!  I finished C's ballet cardigan.  She'll get to wear it today to ballet class!  This was a super easy knit, however, I did make a mistake with the increase on one side of it.  Of course I didn't notice it until several rows later, so I just kept with it and it looks like I did it one purpose.   I made this with yarn that I bought at a crafting thrift store in Portland, Oregon.  I have no idea what it is, but it is pretty soft and it was in colors that she likes.   I would make this cardigan again.
Yesterday I restarted my Hitofude.  I had started it once before, but started over because by row three I was off four stitches.  But then I put it aside for Christmas knitting and some other knitting (socks and the above cardigan) and I had no idea where I was.  Although I had made notes, I wasn't that far along, so I started over again.  

I am still reading the William Kent Krueger books with his Corcoran O'Connor character.  I am also listening to one of my favorite Minnesota authors, John Sanford.  The audiobook is called Deadline.  It is the newest book in the Virgil Flowers series.  I have been on the waitlist since October and there is no renewal on it, so I've got to get it finished!  

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday! 

Knitting This Week

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly yarn along!  I am joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books.  I finally finished my two at a time, toe up, magic loop socks!  In fact, I am wearing them right now!  There are some mistakes, but they were essentially the first socks I've made two at a time and using magic loop.  More practice is definitely needed.  Eventually.  I've really got to finish all of the current on the needle projects.

I just spent several days color coding my Sylvi sweater chart for the back and the hood.  And that isn't even all of the chart symbols.  I didn't color code the knit or purl stitches or even the k2tog or the SSK.  I hope I haven't got in over my head with this pattern!

Work continues on the ballet cardigan for C and I'm afraid I'm going to have to start over with my Hitofude.  I put it aside while I was working on raffle and Christmas knitting and it will just be easier to start over.  I'm also still working on the woven scarf and while I'd like to say there is light at the end of the tunnel, it is a dim light at the moment.

I'm not reading anything new.  I am still working on Las Hechizadas on my ipad.  I just don't read that much on my ipad and if I do read on it, it is because I am up later than my husband and he has already gone to bed.  I have been looking at book on my "to read" queue on Goodreads.  There may be a couple of books that I can only buy as ebooks on Amazon.  A little disappointing as I do still like paper books!  

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

New Socks for Mama

Look!  I finished a pair of socks in less than five years!  These were two at time toe up magic loop socks.  Ravelry pattern here.   I like the pattern because it gives you the basics and then you tailor it to the needles and yarn used.  Basically I wound two balls of yarn from the skein of sock yard. I'm ok with the way the stripes are not matching like some self striping socks.  I mean, who's going to see them?  Toe up was  a little hard to get started, but with some serious YouTube watching I finally got them started and once I had a few rounds on the needles it got easier.  There are a few mistakes I found after I finished, but again, who's going to see them?   

The one issue I did have was the laddering which you can see in the picture of the socks laying flat.  It looks like it's part of the pattern, but it is not.  I think it happened mostly because I wasn't pulling the yarn tight enough on my turns.  Just a guess though.  

I used the Russian Bind Off because that was one of the bind off methods suggested by the pattern.  I had never used it before and while it was easy enough, I'm not sure if it was the right one for socks.  What do all of you sock knitters suggest for a bind off method that is stretchy enough to get on and off?  Also do you wash your socks in the machine or by hand?  Throw them in the Dryer? 

All in all, it wasn't so difficult to knit a pair of socks.  I would totally do two at a time again because I do have that dreaded second sock syndrome.   Socks just are not my favorite thing to knit.  

The Weekend

Our "weekend" was spent in Anaheim, California at Disneyland!   C's birthday was last Tuesday and my birthday was Friday.  So we spent Thursday hanging with princesses!  We had breakfast with Ariel, with Rapunzel, Belle, Tiana and Cinderella dropping by!

C wore her Snow White dress from Halloween.  While we were walking down Main Street in Disneyland she happened on Snow White.  She walked hand in hand with C for a few minutes and then graciously posed with C for pictures.  (I know it is part of their job to pose for pictures, but I think she was going on break).
Snow White and Snow White
 We also go to meet Anna and Elsa of Frozen fame.  C showed Anna her earrings- which are Anna earrings- and Anna exclaimed "You have me on your ears!  Can I wear you on my ears?"  
Anna and Elsa with a mini Snow White

Mama in her Queen crown! 
 We wore her out!  We spent the whole day at Disneyland and California Adventure without stopping for a nap.  Bryan and I were able to split up for some single rider adult rides.  There is really nothing like spending a day with princesses and random people telling you "Happy Birthday" all day!  (C got "Happy Birthday Princess!").
Worn Out

Random Thoughts on Thursday

*  "Once up a time in a far away land a princess named Stella lived with her Queen.  One day..."
That's the story that C told me last week.  It must be a 'to be continued' type of story.

*  Beware of this scam, it's making it's way around.  A lot of people here in Denver have been hit by it.  Yesterday Bryan got a phone call on his cell phone from "The IRS" saying he owed $4000 for his 2009 taxes and if he didn't pay it immediately they had a warrant for his arrest and would come arrest him at his work place.  Which is kind of laughable since they wouldn't get past TSA without a valid airline ticket.  But anyhoo, it scared him a bit, because we really do owe A LOT of money to the IRS for Capital Gains tax on the sale of the rental house.  I thought is sounded like a phising scam to me so I drove home to look at our taxes.  Sure enough we got a refund and when I googled it, the IRS website  makes mention of this very scam.

Of course, the IRS will never demand money "immediately".  They will work with you to set up a payment plan.   The IRS will never arrest you because you don't pay.  I am amazed at the number of people who will fall for this type of scam.

The funny thing is though, when Bryan call "The IRS" back to tell them he did not owe money and he had reported it to the police, they told him to stop harassing them!

Happy Thursday my friends.

Knitting This Week

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly yarn along.  I am joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books!  I feel like it's been forever since I've joined the yarn along.  I still haven't finished the socks.  But I am close.  Maybe another inch or so of ribbing.   I still haven't finished the woven scarf.  I have finished 4 of the 6 96" lengths that will be woven together!  I have to buy more yarn.  
 This cute little sweater is a ballet cardigan for C.  It is from yarn that I bought at the crafting thrift store in Portland Oregon.  I will probably have just enough yarn.  Plus it is a small knit which make me feel like I am accomplishing something and she can wear it to ballet soon.
 I am moving right along with the Cork O'Connor books by William Kent Krueger.  I am now on book six.  Book five was a cliffhanger!  Luckily I had this one on had to start immediately.  I have never had a cliffhanger in a book series before.
I set my Goodreads Challenge for 2015 to read 100 books!  I hope I didn't set myself up for failure.  I checked all the books I put in for 2014 and it was only 44.  But I am also including audiobooks since I listen to them in the car to and from work.

What are you reading?  Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

Goals and Resolutions

skiing at Winter Park!
I don't usually make New Years resolutions because they are rarely kept.  And aren't resolutions usually like lose weight and make more money?  This year I tried to come up with things that I think I can accomplish!  (I hope...)

*  live simply.  purchase only needs and not wants.  pay with cash.  don't live beyond my (our) means.
*  exercise more.  that includes walking the dogs.  start running again even it is slow and short.

*  budget better.  pay off some debt.  work my plexus business.  be a more consistent blogger.

*  have more patience with home and work.

*  finish current knitting projects before starting new ones.   finish crafting projects too.

*  read 100 books according to my goodreads goal.  that includes audiobooks.

*  learn another language.  relearn spanish too.

That's it in a nutshell.  I'll let you know how I do.

Random Thoughts on Thursday

*  I want to congratulate my blogger friends Keith and Beate who got married Monday in Germany.  I am so happy for you two.  Enjoy each other always.

*  Another cold snap came our way this week.  Tuesday it was below zero most of the day.  We hunkered down, drank tea, and played all day (with some knitting in between).

Happy New Year my friends.  May 2015 be a blessed and peaceful year for you.


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