Yarn Along

It's Wednesday and that means it's time once again for the weekly Yarn Along.  I'm joining with Ginny and the others to share books and knitting.  Two of my favorite things.  I've been doing more knitting this week than reading.  In fact, since I finished my book last week, I've yet to start a new one.  What? How can that be?  I was listening to Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell in the car, but I've even finished that one.  

Knitting has been busy this week.  I've worked on The Summit- the pink shawlette for my sister in law.   This past weekend was beautiful here in Colorado and I was able to sit on the patio and knit on my Log Cabin blanket.  It's getting big enough where it will cover my lap so it kept me warm in the breeze.  I've been listening to the Craft Lit podcast of Jane Eyre while sitting outside.  I'm not sure why I've never read Jane Eyre before, I'm loving listening to it.

I also started a new project (because the ones I have going aren't enough?).   I cast on a Benedick and Beatrice Vest for Corrine.  She picked the colors.  I held up two different skeins of yarn- the purple and pink variegated in the picture and a pinky color- and she pointed to the purple/pink yarn, so that was the one I bought.  I wanted something easy, small and portable to take to the basketball tournament I went to last Friday and Saturday nights.  The Summit is small enough still to make it portable, but I think it requires a little more concentration than the simple stockinette stitch of the vest.  I'm not sure if I'll finish in time for Christmas.  Her birthday is in January, but I'm not even thinking of making it a birthday present.  I'll just knit it and put it in her closet.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

Dancing Queen

You are in the mood for a dance
And when you get the chance
You are the dancing queen...

Corrine dancing to the Thomas the Train theme song.

I think dance lessons are in our future.

The Weekend

What a busy weekend!  But aren't they always?  Thursday was spent cooking and then eating with family and then again with friends.  A day to catch up with those near and far.  Plus a little Face Time with my brother and his family in Japan.  They had already had their Thanksgiving (it was 8AM on FR in Japan when we chatted).

I avoided the stores like the plague on Friday.  I'm a last minute shopper anyway.  I've got ages to go until I begin my shopping.  Friday evening was spent with friends for dinner.  Then Bryan and I took Corrine to a basketball tournament.  My parents and I have season tickets for women's basketball at the University of Colorado.  Corrine didn't last too long into the second game before we left.

Bryan and Corrine decorated some of the outside on Saturday morning while I was off for some craft shopping.  There was quilt fabric on sale at JoAnn Fabric.  I know it's probably not the best quality fabric, but I'm a beginner, so I don't want to mess up expensive fabric.  But I've got a quilt in mind for Corrine so we'll see if I can make it work out.  While we were at friends on turkey day, I noticed a felt banner hanging in her dining room.  I admired it and she told me she got the idea from the Pottery Barn catalog.  The one in Pottery Barn was about $90.00.  She made hers for less than $10.00.  Who pays $90.00?  I bought supplies at JoAnn for a Christmas banner and spent about two hours on SA putting it together.  The hardest part was cutting out the letters.   The white felt had a sticky backing to make for easier letter placement.
Not too shabby huh?  And it did indeed cost $10.00 to make.  I may make more for some gifts.

Today was a gorgeous day in Colorado.  While Corrine was napping I was able to sit on the patio and knit in the sun while listening to a podcast.  I'm fairly certain it can't get any better than that!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and has an awesome week!

Yarn Along

It's Wednesday and that  means it's time for the weekly yarn along.  I'm joining with Ginny and everyone for books and knitting!  Two of my favorite things.  I finished the Sweet Memories Cowl for my friends birthday (that was October 2nd).  Good thing too because I'll see her next week.  After I had to rip it back to row 4, once I got going, it was a fast, easy knit.  The only problem I had was I almost ran out of yarn!  Luckily I had the same color going on my Log Cabin Blanket.  I quickly finished that section and used the leftover yarn to finish the cowl.  Whew.  Otherwise I would have had to improvise.  I just need to block it and I'm good to go.
I just finished the book Bringing Up BeBe.  It's written by an American woman, married to a British man, living in Paris.  She compares French parenting to American parenting.   Her kids are an interesting blend of French and American cultures.  She talks about how French kids eat just about everything rather than the American staples of Mac n Cheese, chicken nuggets, and other starchy staples.  The kids will eat each course as it is set out which they learn in pre-school!  She also talks about how American parents are helicopter parents and how French parents are strict about certain things, but kids have their freedoms too.  I find it interesting.  I see kids on the airplane who run their parents ragged and basically are the boss of the family.  I'd like to think we have a good blend of both French and American parenting (and we weren't even trying) with Corrine.  Plus it was a funny read as she pokes fun of being an American in Paris.
Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

Gratitude, Grateful and Thanksgiving

I've been reading a lot of posts on blogs and on Facebook about the things everyone is grateful for.  It got me thinking about the things I'm grateful for.  I've never really thought about it and yet I just assume gratefulness.

There are many things I am grateful for but these few top my list this week.

::I am most thankful for my daughter Corrine.  After a rocky and early start she is a blessing in our lives. I can't imagine life without her.  She makes me laugh everyday.

::My husband Bryan.  He puts up with me and my weirdness.  I say weirdness because it encompasses a lot.  And I can't imagine life without him either.

::My family and friends.

::My job and the flexibility it gives to me to stay home when I want/need.  Even with the uncertainty of the airline world I wouldn't change it at all.  Plus I get paid to travel.

::Milk delivery.

::A roof over our heads and good food in our bellies.  Because I know not everyone has this.

::I am most certainly grateful for all of the help with have in taking care of Corrine.  Without our most wonderful babysitter who watches her during the day a couple of times a week and The G's who take her for the overnight stays it would be very difficult to work.

I know there is a lot more out there to be thankful for.  We really are blessed and we know it.  I'm off to brave the masses at the market.   I hope everyone has a safe, fun filled, hearty Thanksgiving!

25 Random Things

25 random things about me.  I was cleaning up my notes on Facebook, found this and thought I would share. 

1. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a week before I turned 34. What a great birthday present. I've been living with this disease for almost 10 years. I find it an inconvenient and mildly annoying disease. But in the grand scheme of auto immune diseases, at least it is livable and virtually pain free. I just have to take care of myself.

2. All of our animals are named after musicians. The cats are named after new age musicians (Jim) Brickman and (George) Winston. The dogs are named after (Jimmy) Buffett and (Don) Henley. Plus we've got a list of names for many more pets.

3. I'm a HUGE believe in Karma. What goes around comes around.

4. I love to run. Currently I'm getting over a bad attitude about it because I've missed it. I don't really like to run with other people because I always feel like I hold them back. I'm not fast at all.

5. I'm the one who wanted to run away to get married and then come back and tell everyone "oh by the way...we got married while we were on vacation." However, I am glad that we actually had a ceremony (read huge party).

6. I hate reality TV. Can't stand it.

7. I love my job. Where else can you work 3 days a week? This way I can still work and still be at home with C. Plus my parents would be very angry if they couldn't just walk up to the plane and go some place! And my list of places to go is very, very long.

8. I love college basketball. It doesn't get any better than March Madness. I've been to the Women's Final Four six times. Thanks Bob!

9. I hate feet. Mine and others. I don't like touching feet. Especially others. Mine, not so much,  (I do have to put lotion on them). I have a cute picture of Corrine's feet when she was a new baby. They were virgin feet...had never touched the ground!

10. I was never very sure of having kids.  I didn't know thing one about them.  But now that I have one, I can't imagine life without her.  

11. I am a member of the Walnut Mug Club (Rock Bottom Brewery). I have my mug on the wall . Space #359!

12. I drive Bryan crazy with my piles of stuff. He is anally clean and I'm just mostly clean. I have a pile of paper on my computer desk. But I know where everything is.

13. I am trying not to be an obsessive-compulsive vacuumer. I'm trying to get by with the Swiffer on most days and only vacuum 2 or 3 times a week. It's kind of a pain to drag it out every day, but we've got A LOT of dog hair. I vacuumed everyday while Corrine was crawling.

14. I love to garden. I love dirt and digging in the dirt. I have a compost bin in the back yard in which goes all of my food scraps and grass clippings. I had horrible clay soil when I bought my house. Compost has helped garden produce some wonderful veggies!

15. I have a beautiful rose garden. I tend to them with loving care and rose food. They all have names. I didn't give them the names. All roses are named. They have plaques in the ground at the base of the rose and I call them by name. "Hello George Vancouver, what beautiful flowers you have today." I'm sure it's why I have lots of flowers.

16. I would like to have honey bees. I'm researching it right now.  I also want chickens.

17.  I love to knit.  I'm finally broadening my knitting comfort zone and branching out.  I'd also like to be a better sewer, so I can make quilts (another expensive hobby!).    

18. Bryan and I have hiked eight 14ers. Buffett has done all eight with us. We'll do more this year. We won't do them all. I'm too chicken to do the technical ones.

19. I love rubber duckies. I used to have a bathroom that was entirely rubber ducky motif. It's all in boxes now except for a select few. We use the holiday ducks as decorations.  And Corrine plays with some in the tub.

20. I have no decorator sense at all. I wish I did. I love to go to open houses and look at how they've decorated. I don't like granite and stainless kitchens. In 30 years it's going to be like the avocado green of the 70's.

21. I've only owned Volkswagens. I may research and test drive other cars, but I go back to the VW.

22. I like to travel the back roads of new places to explore. My friend Bob and I always take the back roads. You can see so much more of America that way.

23. I listed to books on CD in my car. That way I can kill two birds with one stone. My list of books to read is way too long for me to ever get them all finished, so if I can listen to them occasionally then I can cross them off the list.

24. I love to read. I usually am reading 2 or 3 books at a time. And I can sit in a book store for hours. Tattered Cover especially.

25. I hyphenated my last name because everyone knows me as Jen Fey. Not Jen or Jennifer. It's Jen Fey. And this way I still be Jen Fey. With a Miller thrown on the end!  Plus it keeps everyone guessing!

Yarn Along

It's Wednesday and that means it's time for the Yarn Along.  I'm joining with Ginny and everyone to share what I've been knitting and reading.  I should be much farther along in my Sweet Memories Cowl but after knitting rows 15-20 I realized that these rows didn't look anything like rows 5-10.  I'm not sure what I did wrong on rows 5-10, it had something to do with the YO, but I couldn't recreate it, so I ripped it back to row 4 and started again.  Ugh.  I hate that.  But I have time.  I won't see my friend until the beginning of December.  That should give me plenty of time.
I've also been working on my Summit shawl for my sister in law.  It's just a slow and steady project.  Since I have to mail it to Japan I need to get busy so I can avoid the Fed Ex charges this year.  (I'm notorious for last minute gifting, but international makes it that much more difficult).
I found a vest pattern that I'd love to make for Corrine.  However, the directions are in Norwegian.  Not to worry, I have a friend and co-worker who happens to be from Norway.  No problem right?  I sent her the Ravelry link and she laughed and said the directions were in Danish.  Dang it.  So I found another vest.  I'm resisting casting on just yet.  I've got to finish the Summit first.  

On the book front, I'm reading the new Nora Roberts book, The Perfect Hope.  I also have the newest Margaret Coel book, Buffalo Bill's Dead Now.  Both are library books, but I won't be able to renew the NR books, so I'm putting off the Coel book for now.  So many books, so little time.

Thank you to everyone who made suggestions on what to knit for a friends baby.  The couple is planning on finding out the sex at the 20 week ultra sound.  I'm going to decide what to make when i know what color yarn to buy.  That should give me approximately 20 weeks to finish the project.  And since it is another pilot/flight attendant couple, next fall I'll make an Aviatrix.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday.

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stone may break my bones, but your words will never hurt me.  That's great in theory.  Maybe if I had thicker skin?

I got my haircut last week.  It was getting long (longer than I've ever had it) and tangled.  The ends were a mess and the curl was getting weighed down so it was just easier to pull it up.   The stylist cut off about 4 inches.  It was styled very cutely and I loved it.  Of course I have not been able to duplicate what she did.
Saturday night a close family member (not hubby) told me they had a mop that looked better than my haircut did.  What?!  My mama always told me if you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all.  Well now, I'm questioning my haircut.  I'm regretting having her cut so much.  I can still pull it back, but it's got more layers in it, so it doesn't stay as well.

Ugh.  OK.  Thanks.  I just needed to vent.  I'll buy more styling product and experiment.  After all it is just hair.  It will grow back.

The Weekend

Why is it that weekends go by SO fast?  Well I worked the actual weekend.  But on our (hubby's and mine) weekend- that would be WE-FR- we were busy.  There was:

::Yard work before the incoming 40+ temperature drop.
::Date night on Wednesday night.  Date night actually was dinner and a Warren Miller ski movie with good friends.
::Getting a stern talking to by my doctor because my blood glucose is too high (I'm working on that).
::A new haircut for mama.
::Baking down the New England Pumpkin Pie pumpkins from the garden to puree for some home baked goodies.  My plan is to make chocolate chip pumpkin muffins for a play date on Monday.  Bryan and I don't like pumpkin anything so the muffins will be for Corrine and her friend A.  If they turn out decent I'll post the recipe.
In all I baked 7 little pumpkins totaling 14 cups of pumpkin puree.  Some pumpkin lovers will be very happy.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

This Moment

This Moment.
A Friday ritual.
A single photo- no words- capturing a moment from the week.
A single, special, extraordinary moment.
A moment to pause, savour and remember.
Joining with SouleMama and others.


We are lucky in that my job is very flexible so we can arrange babysitting fairly easily.  My parents are always on hand to watch Corrine whenever we need them.  And they do the overnight care too, when we both have to be at the airport early.  I am careful, though, because they are retired and want to do their own thing too, so I don't want to schedule them too often (because they can't say no!).

We also have a babysitter who used to be our next door neighbor.  She is a stay at home mom with a seven year old.  Her daughter is one of the most well adjusted kids I've ever met and she loved playing with Corrine.  They watch Corrine on the non-overnight days.

The problem we are having right now is that we need a babysitter at our house for short jobs...like date night.  We are going out with some friends on WE night to dinner and the new Warren Miller ski flick.  Corrine is going over to The G's and will spend the night since we won't be home until after 10:00.  I've looked on-line to find a sitter and there are several sites to find a babysitter.  That's fine, but I'm having a hard time paying a fee (like $35/month or a one time fee of $59.99) just to find a babysitter.  I'm sure it is worth it.  But in my head I want to find "the one" that we can use all the time and I think it is ridiculous to pay money and then pay a sitter her hourly rate on top of it.  That makes for an expensive date night.

So where do I find a babysitter?  Word of mouth?  The local high school?  We need someone who has their own transportation so friends kids are out, they aren't old enough to drive yet.  And in this day and age, finding someone trustworthy is HUGE!


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