A Day in the Mountains

9:08 PM

My brother and his kids are here for a couple of days.  The kids are on spring break this week.  (Their mama is a teacher and is not on spring break this week).  Today we went up to the house we grew up in to take pictures of the kiddos for their mama.  My parents still have the house even though they don't live there full time.  It is more of a summer cabin now.  I think my bro and I had more fun than the kids did.  Lots of memories there.

The House.
The creek in the front yard.  We used to wade here in the summers before the creek dried up as it did in the dry summers.
The tubing hill.  We used to hike up to the power line pole and use that as our starting point.  After a couple of runs, the hill was fast enough that sometimes we could jump the road.  I'm surprised we never broke any bones!
This is basically the view from the mountain behind the house.  (this view was taken a couple of miles away and is more of a panoramic whereas the house view is a little bit more limited- if that makes any sense).

I look back on the time we spend playing outside with fondness.  Every summer day we were outside from after breakfast and would come in for dinner.  Come to think of it, we did that sometimes in the winter too.  Except then we'd come in to warm up and drink hot cocoa.   We used our imagination.  Something I think is lacking in todays kids with some much technology, but it is something I would like Corrine to have.

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  1. I enjoyed the walk down memory lane! It's fun going back to the past :)

  2. What a cool place to grow up! I love the mountains.


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