Fingerless Mitts and a Vintage Swing Coat

6:00 AM

A couple months back my mom bought me this really cool lime green, vintage swing coat.  It has three-quarter sleeves and I thought some fingerless mitts would be really cool.  (Karen had just made some cool mitts which gave me the idea).  I went to my LYS and was trying to match yarn to the coat.  The yarn shop lady suggested a contrasting color and picked up this gorgeous purple!  I immediately said that's it!  I used Cascade 220 superwash in Royal Purple!  

After a quick perusal of Ravelry, I found this pattern and like it's simplicity.  The pattern said to cast 28 stitches which was going to be way to small.  I made the right one and I worked them up in a night.  It was about two weeks before I started on the left one.  Thinking I remember how many I cast on for the right, I cast on 36 stitches and knit away.  Later than day when I was finished, I  then realized that I  must have only cast on 34 stitches for the right mitt.  And apparently I can't count either  because the left mitt is longer as well. 
I like the way the left mitt fits better so my plan is to frog the right mitt and cast on again with 36 stitches.  But first I need to make an aviatrix with the left over purple.  I am making a newborn size so shouldn't need all of the yarn.  And once I rip out the right mitt, I can use that yarn as well.  I'm hoping it will all work out.  That's what I get for thinking this was an easy project!!!

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  1. That's a cool coat indeed. Will be good for those Colorado winters :)

  2. Well Jen, I am glad I am not the only one who can't count ;) Those mitts are going be great when you get them finished. And that coat!!! Oh what a treasure and it looks fabulous on you.

  3. love purple with green which is how I wear accessories. Love the mitts and hopefully they will be all matchy matchy. You look lovely in the photo :)

  4. Very cute! I do like the contrasting colors :)


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