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6:00 AM

Things to keep mama occupied for a 12+ hour plane ride.  I've got books, yarn, movies, my ipod, and a puzzle book to keep me sane.  I don't usually sit for 12+ hours.  For that matter, neither does Corrine, but I'm hoping she sleeps a little bit.  I can sleep on the plane.  The problem is this flight leaves Denver at noon.  So unless we get up at the crack before dawn, I'm not seeing much sleeping going on.

We are going to visit my brother and his family in Japan.  My brother is career Navy and they are stationed in Yokosuka which is on the coast south of Tokyo.  They move home next summer so this is our chance to go visit.  I've been there the last time they were stationed in Japan, at Atsugi, but Bryan and I had just started dating so he did not go.   And Corrine is SUPER EXCITED to go visit Uncle Peter and her cousins.  
 I'm hoping to start and finish this baby sweater on the plane.  I've got 3 books and one on my ipad.  I'd like to finish Shadow Divers while I'm there so I can leave it with my brother to read.  It's about a couple of deep sea divers who find a WWII German uboat sunk off the coast of the United States.  My brother was  WWII History major in college and then got his masters in Military History.  This should be right up his alley.
 These two little crochet projects are for the return flight.  The brown project is the second to last square I need to finish my square blanket from my square swap group.  The pink yarn is going to make the same square only a bit bigger than what I need for the October square swap member.  These two squares shouldn't take too long, but I'm hoping they get finished before I get home!
Have a fabulous Wednesday!

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  1. Have the best time Jen, wish I could go with you.
    PS- thank you for you kind words on my Veteran's post. I passed your words on to my daughter and she was so touched. It was such a hard time with him gone and I don't think a lot of people realize the hardship a military family deals with when a loved one is gone. Please tell your brother and his family Thank you for me.

  2. Wow, have fun in Japan! That's awesome that you get to go visit your brother and his family. Good luck on the flight with Corrine. I have such respect for parents who fly with their young kids! And good luck getting your projects done as well. Have a great trip!

  3. oh have a super fun time with your brother!!! take lots of pictures to share with us and hope you eat yummy food and see all that you want to see!!!

  4. Have fun on your trip!

    I've made the Helena pattern twice over and just love it.

  5. That's a long time to be on a plane. It usually takes us about 8 - 10 hours to Germany and that is already too long. :-) Good luck with the sweater! Maybe you can even find a yarn store where you are going and can bring back a souvenir. ;-)


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