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6:00 AM

*  My 2015 Goodreads challenge was to read 100 books.  So far I have read 64 books.  I've got three going right now... One on my ipad, one audio book in my car, and a real book.  With the end of the year rapidly approaching I highly doubt that I'll read 36 books between now and then.

I don't know if I can lower the number to 75 for 2016.  I may have to challenge myself to read more books!  I hate that I did not accomplish my goals.  I don't think it was an out of reach goal.  In fact if I had listed all of the books that I have read to Miss C I would far surpass that goal.

I am flyingjen on Goodreads!

* I have debated for months on whether we should cancel our TV service.  We have significant debt that needs to be paid off and while I'm not sure exactly how much our TV service costs a month, I know it would be a good payment to debt.  I have begun to research alternate ways to watch TV.  We do have an active Netflix account and an inactive Hulu account.

Quite frankly one of the reasons I would like to keep our current service is the DVR.  I never watch live TV (unless it's with C).  One of the reasons Bryan would like to keep TV is the cycling channel.  We watch A LOT of cycling... The Tour de France and just about every other Tour available.

I have researched Sling TV, Amazon Prime, and Roku.  Do you have any of those devices/ subscriptions that you use to watch TV.  Or maybe another one that I am not aware of?

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  1. I think the books you read to your little sweetie should count! That's a lot of reading. I have to set a reading goal for next year. I can get so side tracked. If I could get rid of the TV (which my family would flip out if I did) I'm sure more reading would happen.

  2. we cancelled our direct tv over two years ago and we save about $115 a month from that. We do not miss it. He bought an attenna for the basement and we get 12ish free channels. WE do not get the tour de france however he was able to watch some of it delayed on some website somewhere.

    We have netflix and we have hulu plus. pbs.org and a handful of others we stream through an app through the xbox.


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