After Christmas

11:21 AM

I struggled with Christmas this year.  Not in a bah humbug sort of way either.  We decorated the house and the yard.  Sometimes I think my husband wants to give the Grizwalds a run for the money in the house decorating!  We put up a tree and decorated it with non breakable ornaments.  It was Corrine's first Christmas.  She is young enough that she doesn't understand what Christmas is.  I don't want her to become so materialistic about Christmas either.  I would like to teach her about the spirit of the season.  We only bought her one present.  We knew that the Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins would take care of her and we didn't want to over do it.  Her birthday is three weeks after Christmas and she'll get more stuff.

Christmas Eve, we went to my aunts house for a buffet dinner and a gift grab.  For the gift grab we draw numbers and then take a random present in that order.  When it is your turn you can either take a new present or take one that has already been opened and then that person can get a new present.  The first year we did the gift grab, we were very hesitant about taking presents.  Fast forward three years.  We are much better about taking the gift we want from someone else!  Plus we get to hang with family we haven't seen since last Christmas since we are all busy and not everyone lives in Colorado!

Corrine loving on her new toys!

Christmas morning we went over to my parents for brunch and more presents.  My parents gave to me a book called "Secrets From My Grandma's Garden" by Don Eversoll.   I have already read it cover to cover and am now ready to dig in the dirt.  Except I have to wait for months...Ugh!
Corrine reading some Christmas stories.  That book she is holding, The Christmas Puppy, was Grandpa's book!  From The G's house we drove up to Winter Park to Grandpa Ray and Grandma Joann's house. This is the view along the way!  This is why we live in Colorado!
We ate again that afternoon.  B and I said we didn't need to eat for a week!  We made the rounds in Winter Park to see friends and family.  We drove home that night, got the car unloaded and went to bed.

I was in kind of a withdrawal yesterday.  You prepare all month long (or in my case wait until the 23rd to shop) and then BAM, it's over.  And you're left with the clean up.   I don't know why I had such a hard time with Christmas this year.  I'll say it again this year, I'll start shopping/creating much earlier!

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