Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

3:52 PM

Or at least it was this morning at 5AM! My husband, Bryan, and I were standing in line outside at 5AM for a limited edition CD that goes on sale at 8AM. KBCO radio puts out a CD every year at this time that is benefits the Boulder County Aids Project and The Food Bank of the Rockies. The artists that make up the CD have performed live on the radio throughout the year when they come through the Denver area. This is the 23rd year that KBCO has put out this CD and it is a collectors item. The idea is to get there early and wait in line (some people even camp in tents to be the first in line!) and get the CD. If you go later in the morning you still have to wait in line and there is no guarantee that CDs are still available. It is a tradition that we have every year. This year, however, was 20 degree, a tad on the breezy side and snowing. Yuck. But, we got our CD!

Earlier this week is was in the upper 50's. We were able to hang our Christmas lights and decorations outside wearing t-shirts. It was a clear, blue sky day! Gotta love living in Colorado.


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