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6:00 AM

It's only been two weeks since I joined in weekly Yarn Along, but it seems like much longer.  We've been very busy here.  That being said, I have made small progress on my Ten Stitch Blanket.  I've decided to do shades of green and brown for this blanket.  We'll see how it turns out.

It's a pretty easy pattern to work, once I figured it out.   The corners I do have to pay attention to, mostly in the counting.

I finished Fifty Shades of Grey.  Oh where to start on that?  First off, the writing is not very good.  But then again, you are not reading the book for its writing.  There is a lot of sex.  There is some sort of story line.  But it completely sucked me in and I had to read it.  I've got to find someone who has the second book so I can read it soon.  I'm not sure what kind of wait list there is at the library.  I did hear that libraries in Florida and Georgia are not stacking these books.  A friend who read it before I did had this to say "Oh. My. I need to get me an old lady church fan."  She's not far off.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

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  1. I love the shades of green and brown!! Great color choice :)

  2. I keep hearing about these books and now am just going to have to read them for myself to see what it's all about!
    Have a great yarn along day.

  3. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one reading these books. ;-)

    I read the first book and talked about it last week: http://wifemomknitter.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/yarn-along-may-16-2012/

    I finished the second book within a day and wrote about it this week. The sex is still as steamy, but more "vanilla" in nature.

    It didn't surprise me to hear about the libraries down south. I believe that is where the bible belt is and I'm sure these books would be heavily frowned upon down there.

  4. LOL! Love your review of this book. Your blanket is looking lovely.

  5. After reading some snippets of these books I decided the writing would annoy me too much to read, but everyone seems to not be able to put them down! lol. Love the colours of your blanket, I look forward to seeing it grow!

  6. Can't wait to see how your blanket works out. I have see that book popping up around the blogosphere. You made me giggle with your review. Jacinta

  7. I love the colors of the blanket! I'm still going back & forth about the books. Although there's like 1000 people already in line for it at the library...there's no way I'd get it for months & months!!

  8. I love the blanket so far. The yarn is particularly pretty!


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