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6:00 AM

Two of the things I love most are books and knitting.  Two great things to do which I don't often have enough time to enjoy!  I'm joining Ginny and others for the weekly Yarn Along.

It was a busy week this past week.  I did get some rows done on my Radiating Star Blanket.  I am seven (!!!) rows from finishing and I hope to have it done by next weeks Yarn Along post.  I'm only working three days between now and then so it should be possible.  Although each row does take about 45 minutes to finish and I have found some mistakes.    Mostly the mistakes are knitted stitches when I should have yarn over.  It's far enough back that I am not going to rip it out and start those sections over.

The knitting that I can show a picture of is the Log Cabin style blanket that I am working on for the Linus Project.  It is part of my stash busting challenge.  Right now it is still small enough that I can carry it in my suitcase and work on it while watching mindless TV in hotel rooms across America.

I just finished reading The Witness by Nora Roberts.  It was a good fast read that kept me entertained.  Most Nora Roberts book do keep me entertained.
I am currently reading the American Wife and Fifty Shade of Grey is in my queue to read next.  I almost didn't pick up American Wife because I could not stand the book Prep written by the same author.  I thought it was a horrible book.  A friend had given me this one and I was without a book to read so I picked it up.  So far it isn't too bad.

I found Fifty Shades of Grey on the airplane and can't wait to start reading it.  I've heard a lot about this book.  OK, not really.  Most of what I've heard about it is that it is written by an English author and the bored American mommies are all over this book (they are calling it Mommy Porn).  But I found it and I'll read it next.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday.

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  1. You are so loving to be knitting a linus blanket and those colors will make any child a happy one. I will await your reviews of these books...they look interesting.

  2. I keep seeing Fifty Shades of Grey pop up on Amazon. Mommy Porn? Too funny!
    The blanket looks wonderful.

  3. Good luck in getting those final rows knitted up! I read American Wife when it first came out and loved it. I think Sittenfeld is a really funny and insightful writer. Hope you continue to like it.

  4. Love when I hop to a blog and see a blanket. And for a good cause too, fab!!

  5. Thank you so much for mentioning that you'll be reading Fifty Shades. My Stitch N' Bitch group is going to have a VERY informal book club read of this book based on all the hoopla.

    I hear that the book is VERY steamy and it's one of a trilogy.

  6. I'm loving the start of that blanket! It's looking fantastic!

    I passed on Fifty Shades of Gray because I heard that it is very poorly written (even worse than the Twilight books!) and the person who wrote it is not a serious author but a Fan Fiction writer (ugh), definitely not worth buying for me.

    1. And the Twilight books were bad especially book 4 (I hated that one). I certainly wouldn't have purchased this book, but since I found it I'll read it. I'll post about it after I start it.

  7. I'm sure the blanket will be greatly appreciated. Hope it helps use up some of your stash too. I haven't read either of the books, so will look forward to your review. Jacinta

  8. What a good idea to make a linus blanket! I have so much left over yarn in my stash that would be good for one. I need to look into that. I've heard so much about 50 Shades of Gray but the line for it at the library is like 360 people ahead of me. And it's not something I'd buy. I hope you let us know what you think!

  9. I have to say Fifty Shades of Gray has me intrigued. Maybe a good summer read?

  10. I love reading too, Nora Roberts is a favourite, so easy to read! Will be interested to hear what you think of 50shades of Grey, the writing is terrible, lol, but eveyrone I know is addicted.


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