Random Thoughts on Thursday

12:29 PM

Just some of things running through my mind today.

*  Last October I made an apple pie with the last of the apples from a neighbors tree.  I didn't bake it but just put the whole pie plate in the freezer.  When it was frozen I wrapped it really well in layers of plastic wrap and stuck it back in the freezer.   I baked it last Friday night.  It was Dee-lish.  I have NO idea what I put in the pie or how I made it so that I could bake it at a later date.  Frustrating.

*  I need to make a vegetarian dish for a co-worker who just lost her husband.  It shouldn't be too hard, but I get nervous when I bake for other people.  Mostly I just hope she likes it.  A group of us from work are making food for her freezer.  She is in her early 30's and hasn't even been married a year yet.  Her husband was riding his bike home from work and was hit by a car.  She was on a layover (which I'm sure was the worst feeling in the world).  Turns out he was riding the wrong way down the street and the car that hit him didn't see him.  I can't even begin to imagine what she is going through.  My heart aches for her so the least I can do is cook.

*  Trying to figure out a good schedule for the upcoming months.  I had an MRI a few weeks ago.  I have a bone spur on my shoulder and a partially torn rotator cuff.  There are things I'd like to get done before going under the knife.  But then I'd also like a little vaca from work.  Not that surgery is a vacation, but I would be out of work for 4-8 weeks.  I'm not sure if there is a good time for that.

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  1. There never is a good time for it, I've needed oral surgery for years now, but I cannot afford to have my mouth wired shut for a month and a half. I'm so deeply saddened to hear about the tragedy in your friends life, that is awful beyond words. She is lucky to have a good friend like you to lean on. If she is vegetarian and not vegan, I would suggest good ol' comfort food, mac and cheese.

  2. Thoughts and prayers going out to your coworker who lost her husband. How wonderful and kind of you for wanting to make her a dish.

    p.s. I told Tammy (the chicken blog author) that I sent you her link and she said she would be more than happy to answer any questions - she's super nice. If you need her email me shoot me an email through the link on my page Happy Friday!!


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