The Weekend

10:07 AM

The hubs was in Miami last week for training for work.  The kid and I went down Thursday for a quick trip for some sun and sand.  
We went to South Beach the first night.  C played in the waves with dad and loved it.  
 Friday we went to the Miami Seaquarium.  Think Sea World but on a smaller scale.
 How do they stand like that?  That is some serious balance!
The peeps in the splash zone got seriously wet.  7000 pounds displaces A LOT of water!  We did not sit in the splash zone.
The end of the dolphin show.  It fascinated me a bit that all the trainers used hand gestures at each show.   
Friday afternoon it was 75 degrees and I had my feet in the sand and water.  By Saturday evening I was in my coat and mittens scraping ice and snow off of my car in the parking lot at the airport.

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  1. I must visit Miami at least once in my lifetime :)

  2. Glad you are getting a quick vacation! Lovely weather and the sun!! Look at the sun shine :)

  3. Miami? Wow, if you have to go anywhere for work training, you can't get much better than warm beaches! I'm so glad to hear that you and your lovely family had such a great time!


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