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10:29 PM

Several weeks ago my mom asked me if I had noticed Corrine's right eye looking crossed.  I had to admit that I had seen it several times but it was so fast I wasn't sure I had really seen it.  So I made an appointment for her at the pediatric ophthalmologist.  I was very impressed with how they did their eye exams by using toys and stuffed animals.  They also did a dilated eye exam.  The eyes drops made her cross eye very pronounced, so much so that every time she looked up her eyes were crossed.  It made me want to cry.

The Doctor diagnosed her with Accommodative Esotropia, which is basically a focusing problem.  All kids are farsighted to a point but C's problem is she has to focus extra and it makes her eye cross.   Her glasses do not improve her farsightedness but rather the glasses do the focusing so her eye muscles remain straight.  It is something that kids typically out grow by the time they are 10-12 so we are keeping our fingers crossed she won't need her glasses for her whole life.

When I got the news she would need glasses I immediately thought to get her some super cute frames.  Luckily the lady in the frame shop steered me in the right direction.  She said that they usually sell kids under three some flex frames.  To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.  Her frames are a rubberized flexible frame that bend and flex and take a beating that a three year old will dish out.  (On Monday after we picked them up she wasn't wearing them and I asked her where they were.  Come to find out she had them around her waist!  I told her they weren't a belt and they needed to stay on her face).  The glasses also have a head band to help keep them on her face.  Plus these frames actually fit her small face a lot better.

And all the cool kids are wearing glasses!

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  1. She is completely adorable in her new glasses! Using them as a belt - that sounds just like something my girl would do too ;)

  2. This is the same eye condition my wee one has! Reading about the dilated exam made me cringe, my daughter was the same, but also screamed her head off - she hates eye drops!! Your daughter looks really cute in her glasses, I hope she is getting used to them, it does take a wee while!

  3. My husband was born cross-eyed and had to wear glasses when he was a baby to give his eyes enough time to strengthen on their own. He still wears glasses because he is as blind as a bat like me, but that is besides the point. ;-)

    I love little kids in eyeglasses! She looks so sweet.

  4. My daughter had one lazy eye (one eye had normal vision and the other had extremely poor) that was diagnosed at the kindergarten screening. She had to wear an eye patch for many many months (decreasing in usage) to train the "lazy" eye to see through the corrected lens. We have so many photos of her with her patch-

    I am happy that you took her to the eye doctor and I'm sure all will be well, it's amazing what they can do for such a tiny little girl.

    I love her glasses and every year she can change her look!

  5. I think she looks adorable in her glasses! I bet it's a challenge to get her to keep them on, though. I hope her issue will correct itself so she won't have to wear glasses forever.


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