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6:00 AM

Hi.  It's Wednesday and that means it is time for the weekly yarn along.  I am joining Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books.  I love reading what everyone is working on and reading.  I took this yarn with me when we went to Tokyo back in November.  I had grand plans of starting and finishing this baby girl sweater on the 12 hour flight to Japan.  That so did not happen.  I started it three times and by the time we got home I had only finished the mindless stockinette stitch section.  
I just got word yesterday that the mama will be induced tonight due to some complications.  Baby girl was due on Christmas Day.  Given that I am going to work tomorrow and will work for rest of the month (except for the 25th) I was not going to finish by Christmas.  I've only finished two of the six eight row repeats so I just hope to finish this cute little sweater by the time we visit the first week of January.

No news on the book front.  I have had no time to read.  I am still reading Knit the Season by Kate Jacobs.  And I've renewed The Closers three times now onto my kindle app.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

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  1. You are nearly done with that knit and yes it will be finished by January! Love the lace detail :)

  2. It will be beautiful! So pretty so far and love the color!

  3. It looks really pretty so far. I hope all goes well with delivery!

  4. Will think good thoughts for a safe delivery! That sweater is going to be darling when it is finished.

  5. a newborn won't wear that sweater anyway....and it will be so appreciated when it comes after the 'rush' of the all baby gifts on the birth-day. I'd say it's working out just fine!!! and it's gorgeous!!

  6. I think it looks great thus far. Best of luck to her on the delivery!!

  7. I have a weird superstition (that was passed down to me by my mom) where I don't make or give a gift to a baby until they've safely arrived.

    So, in my eyes, you're good finishing and gifting this when you're done.

  8. What a beautiful sweater. I hope Mama and baby are ok x


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