A Craft Swap- Part 3

6:00 AM

Last week my neighbor came knocking on the front door with a package.  It was my package of craft swap goodies.  It had been delivered to their house by mistake and it was the first time both of us were home at the same time to make the hand off.  

Corrine and I were gifted these lovely hand sewn goodies.  Corrine got the crayon roll in a cute princess castle fabric.  I received scented sachets and this very nice drawstring bag.  The bag will hold my traveling knit projects perfectly.  In fact I love it so much, if I could sew, I'd make ten of them in various sizes.  
Thank you to the very sweet Jesse at http://atinyhouse.blogspot.com/ for taking the time to create a beautiful gift for me and for Corrine.

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  1. Such beautiful gifts Jen and how sweet of Jesse to include something for Corrine.

  2. I love that there was a bit for your daughter so thoughtful! My swap partner, Jen gave Frodo some play balls which he loves!! This was a fun activity :)

  3. Oh how exciting! The crayon holder is adorable. I bet Corinne was thrilled with it.

  4. sweet! thanks for participating in the swap, Jen!


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