Sweet Peas

6:00 AM

When we cleaned out the laundry room last summer I found a bag of seeds.  The majority of them were sweet pea seeds.  Sweet Peas are one of my favorite flowers.  (I have a lot of favorites).  Their scent is just that.  Sweet.   And look at those colors.  Aren't those beautiful?  Now is the time to plant sweet peas.  They like the colder temperatures and can be planted as soon as the soil can be worked.  

So my little helper and I set out to get these seeds ready.  I cut open the packages and my assistant poured them into a plastic cup.  Sweet peas have a hard coating and for better germination should be soaked over night.  We had a couple of varieties of seeds- long climbing plants and a container variety.  The climbing ones were all different colors and we mixed those in the glass to soak.  
We will plant these seeds of Friday.  Fingers crossed they actually come up.  Did I mention the seed is old?  Most of the packages were from 2005 and ten or so were from 2006.   I planted cucumbers last year from 2005 seed and some of them came up.  It will be interesting to see what the germination rate is on almost ten year old seed!  I bet some seeds sprout and we'll have beautiful flowers on our fence.

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  1. What a cute little assistant you have! Those flowers look really pretty and I am curious to see how many will germinate for you being so old.

  2. a science experiment AND a gardening experience!!!! what a great combo!


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