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7:33 AM

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time to share books and yarn with everyone for the Yarn Along.   I've been knitting a lot for C's school.  First I made the hats for Children's Hospital and when I had yarn left over I made this cute little Aviatrix.  I had yarn left over from that so I thought I'd make the mittens to go with the hat and the school can raffle it as a set.  I used this pattern and got to knitting.  I had a good game of yardage chicken going and ultimately I came out victorious!  
 This is how much yarn I had left over after completing the mittens!  I made two hats and a set of mittens our of gifted yarn!  Now on to some fingerless mitts for C's teacher.
 I started reading Boundary Waters this past week.  My friend, whose mom lives in Northern Minnesota on the boundary waters has been reading them and passing them to me before she mails them to her mom.  We are reading them in order and that fits in with my compulsive need to read them from start to finish.
Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!  Have a happy Thanksgiving my friends.

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  1. Wow, that is planning! You are braver than me - I always end up with stacks of yarn left as I always get extra 'just in case'.

  2. That's an impressive result from your yarn! Yardage chicken is always nerve-wracking, but I'd definitely say you won :) Love the hat - so cute!

  3. yow....i would have been sweating that for sure...and dreaming up the plan b for when I ran out....and the plan c for when that didn't work. phew.

  4. How awesome that you ended up using up all of the yarn! love the hat and mittens!

  5. EEK! are you lucky or what?? that is really cutting it close with yarn, glad you were able to squeak by with what you had. And the knitting is beautiful as always.

  6. Oh my gosh you cut that one close!! What an adorable set Jen.

  7. Eek that was close! Lovely wee set you have knitted up.

  8. Lovely knitting! I've been knitting hats and socks for charity too... will definetely try out that mittens pattern, they look easy and fast, I can start making mittens too !
    Perfect yarn calculations!
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. What a cute set you have there! Never played yardage chicken before. I don't think my nerves would take that haha. And I buy way too much yarn every time :D


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