The 52 Project- September & October

8:35 PM

When I sat down to post my October pictures for The 52 Project, I realized that I never posted my September pictures (probably because I was beside myself...I lost the online photo album and had to start over).  Here are the September pictures...

The 52 Project- a portrait a week for a year.  

36/52 (9/7) First day of Polliwog class at Steele.

37/52 (9/14)  Snuggling with Winston.

38/52 (9/21) First dentist appointment.

39/52 (9/28) Hiking with daddy.

40?52 (10/5)  Looking out the window.

41/52 (10/12) Hiking outside of Leadville.

42?52 (10/19) At a friends wedding reception

43/52 (10/26) Carving pumpkins for the front porch.

Can you believe another year is almost over?  It has gone so fast.  I finished re-creating my photo album and I obsessively hit the save button.

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  1. Adorable photos Jennifer. Have a super weekend!

  2. I cannot believe another year is almost over. Loved seeing the past two months of your sweet girl!

  3. Miss C is really growing and is such a cutie! Did you back up your photo album after you hit save? You don't want to have something happen if your computer crashes, then it's a pain to get to your photos [ask me how I know].

  4. how cute......the years fly by, believe me? (How did I get an almost 12 year old GRANDdaughter???)

  5. Looks like the best childhood ever!


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