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5:00 AM

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly yarn along.  I am joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books.  I did finish the Optimistic Mitts I was working on for Teacher Vanessa's gift bag.  I'm not super pleased with how they turned out.  What has me worried is that when I tried them on they were really big on me and that was after I had gone down a needle size.  I have small hands and wrists so I've got my fingers crossed that they actually fit her.  It was a super easy knit and one I'd do again, but I would make them smaller.

I am still reading Night of the White Buffalo by Margaret Coel.   I also just started Failing Forward by John C Maxwell.  I am in a weekly challenge group for Plexus Slim ambassadors and the challenge for the next couple of weeks is to read this book.  

Since the holidays are upon us and I've yet to shop, I think my knitting and reading time will be short.  Until then my yarn along friends, have a wonderful and joyous holiday!

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  1. i think they turned out lovely....fingers crossed that they fit! (I have small hands, too----and I've often found that what fits me, others can't get their pinky through! these may be perfect)

  2. I love how they turned out, I do hope they fit your person!! I have smallish hands as well.

  3. Regardless as to size they are really pretty Jen. The mittens I knit and then crocheted such a pretty cuff on are too big for my hands so I wrapped them up and am giving them to a daughter in love who has larger hands, don't tell ;)

  4. They are so pretty! Even if they are a bit big they will still keep her hands warm. And I'm sure they will be very much appreciated.

  5. A bit too big is much better than a bit too small so finger's crossed they'll fit well :)


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