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5:30 AM

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly yarn along!  I'm joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books.   On Sunday I worked on the Maisie sweater (for C's school) while watching the Denver Bronco game.  Let's just say that since it was not a good game for Denver fans it was not a good night to knit.  I ended up ripping back about an inch of knitting because I knitted on the purl side and purled on the knit side.  Once I fixed that mistake I cast on for the other front piece and had to rip that out as well.

This week I also worked on the blanket for my cousin.  I am almost out of baby yarn but what I have left is a lot of different shade of blues!  But I feel like I accomplished something by using up almost all of my baby stash!

Two years ago I was a part of a square swap group on Ravelry.   I never did anything with my squares, mostly because the colors didn't mix and most squares were not 12x12.  Over the last couple of months I have unraveled almost all of the squares to use the yarn in various scrap projects.  These are the last three squares to rip apart.  The periwinkle one was pretty hard unravel and out of frustration I threw it away!

On the book front I just finished reading Crash & Burn by Lisa Gardner.  WOW!  In the first chapter the main character is in a car accident and she can't remember who she is.  But she had a traumatic brain injury before her accident and it takes a while for all of the pieces to fall into place.  Who is she?  Is she a murderer?  Did she lose a child?  What is her real story?  It held my attention from the get go and didn't let up until the last page.  

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  1. I get very upset at times when I spend more time unraveling than knitting, some times it's just the way it is.
    Good for you in using up your yarn stash, I've been doing that too.

  2. I can unravel and not be upset if I'm excited about what I'll use the yarn for. I've ripped out entire sweaters.....ahem.

  3. Sometimes swaps are really fun and sometimes... I once did a dishcloth swap on rav along with my mom and we both knit some really pretty dishcloths and in return received about one cute-ish one each and 9 half-hearted attempts. Needless to say we didn't participate again, especially when we saw in photos that several other participants received mostly beautiful, intricate patterns! Not sure why the organizers didn't spread the really cute ones out more carefully! Haha!

  4. Oh that Broncos game! My husband was flipping out because he picked Peyton for his fantasy team. His Giants didn't fare so well either. I got some knitting done though. That was a great idea to rip out those squares. At least you can put the yarn to good use now!

  5. It wasn't a good day for Seahawk game knitting either! My husband was so irritated he turned the game off! That dishcloth swap Sarah mentioned above was terribly disappointing and I have not done any since. Your book sounds great and I think I might look into it further.

  6. Way to go reusing the yarn! It can be frustrating when it doesn't comply though ;-)

  7. it's good but difficult to recycle.i have done it but it can be frustrating!!!! pretty squares!!!

  8. I listened to that game on the radio and was shocked by the way it went... Happy my Steelers won and the Big Ben was back on the field, finally. Sorry you had to tink...not a good knitting night, indeed. :(

  9. i don't think there is much more satisfying than taking something you aren't using and making into something you love!!!! good for you!!! :)
    (that book really sounds like a grabber....I'll try to keep that one in mind!!!!)


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