Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

*  Miss C as Rapunzel!  Oma made the costume again this year.  Miss C and Papa made the braid.  My mom used to make all of our Halloween costumes when my brother and I were little.  She made a few costumes for my niece and nephew when they were little and then swore she was never going to sew another costume again.  Ever.  So much for that.  As soon as she heard that Miss C wanted to be a princess mom got out her sewing machine and got to work.

Unfortunately at the Halloween party we went to the kids got their hands on some Sharpies.  Miss C has black marks on the front of her dress.  I googled how to remove it and a few of the lighter marks did come out, but for the most part there are a lot of 4+ inch black lines on the front.  I don't want to ruin her dress but I"m thinking the best thing is that my mom sew a patch of the same fabric on the front to cover it up.

*  The witch is my cousin.  Olde Town Arvada does a trick or treat street and all the merchants and business owners hand out candy.  She dresses up every year and scares the kids!  Last year a little girl asked her if that was her real nose.  When my cousin replied of course it was, the little girl responded that if she was ok with her god given nose then who was anyone else to complain about it!  Funny.  Miss C asked how she flew on her broom because it was so small (it was a mini broom).

*  Monday it was warm enough here in Denver that I wore shorts all day!  The temperatures dropped yesterday and it is supposed to snow today.  It will also be gone by tonight.  But the nice temps made me think I had much longer to clean up the yard than I really had.  What was I thinking?  It is November!

*  I've been playing a lot more on Instagram.  Are we friends?  Find me.  I'm flyingjen.

Happy Thursday my friends!

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  1. Oh darn - that's such a bummer that the sharpies found their way to her costume. She looks so adorable!

  2. Oh darn - that's such a bummer that the sharpies found their way to her costume. She looks so adorable!

  3. I would have loved to have been rapunzel back in my youth!! how lucky is your girl!!

  4. How sweet that your mom pulled her machine back out to sew for your Miss C! Sorry to read about the sharpie mess and hope that can be remedied. :(
    I'm on IG, too: DoleValleyGirl. Sure is lots of fun! See you there...

  5. oh, sewing those costumes brings back such memories!!! (One year my son wanted to be a skeleton....and I sewed bones for DAYS and days.....he wasn't happy with the pattern as written!!!!) Bummer about the marker, but again...just more memories etched into the costume.


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