The Weekend

7:57 PM

Our weekends are not a Saturday & Sunday type of weekend.  Rather our weekends are usually Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays.  This past "weekend" we spent out weekend in Southern California at Disneyland.  

It was our annual birthday trip.  Miss C turned FIVE!!  Mama turned a lot older.  For the last three years we have celebrated our birthdays with the princesses!  This year however, we got to meet Chewbacca and Darth Vader!  That was the highlight of mamas weekend.  

On Wednesday we were at California Adventure.  Miss C rode the Hollywood Hotel Tower of Terror ride.  As soon as we were done she wanted to do it again.  Same on Thursday at Disneyland.  We rode the Star Tours ride twice and the Hyperspace Mountain Roller Coaster once (but wanted to do it again).  I'm afraid we may have a dare devil on our hands.  

How can you not have a great birthday when everyone you see tells you happy birthday?
Meeting Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse




Darth Vader

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  1. Glad you had a happy birthday 'weekend'. I would have loved to meet Chewie and Darth Vader as well! Still haven't seen the new Star Wars though.

  2. happy birthday!!! I cannot believe she is five already :)

  3. Happy birthday to you and Miss C! Five, wow, time is flying quickly.
    Both of my sisters are huge Disney fans and go every chance they can,
    I haven't been in years ;)

  4. Oh, those photos!!! I love the one of Miss C walking with Minnie!!!!!! And she went in her princess adorable!!! (I'm with you----meeting Chewie would have been a big hit with me, too!!!!) Great great birthday. (Can I come celebrate with you next year?

  5. Happy birthday!! What sweet pictures of a fun time!


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