2012 Stash Busting Challenge

10:59 AM

I just signed up for the 2012 Stash Busting Challenge as posted by the Creating A Family Home blog!  I'm excited for the challenge, but now I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I mean, I still haven't finished the project I started last October for a Christmas present.  (It's almost finished, Wen, I promise!).  And then I just started the Aviatrix hat for Corrine.  (that will be a whole other post someday).  Not to mention I've got second sock syndrome.  Poor Bryan.  It's a good thing he really didn't want the socks anyway, it's been three years since I started them.  Plus it's hard to get in some good knitting and crochet time with a one year old.

I have a whole tub of yarn in my craft room/office that was given to me by the local chapter of the Linus Project.  I am officially going to clean out that tub and make blankets for the Linus Project.  I made one blanket a year ago while I was on bed rest.  I used size 11 circular needles, cast on a lot of stitches (125 or 150 I don't remember) and used double yarn.  I just randomly picked colors and changed them when I felt it was time. I made a border of K1, P1 all the way around and basically knit until I thought it was done.  I do that a lot when I make blankets...make it up as I knit along!

This is what is left of the stash.  Not the best photo, but there is a lot of yarn.  I have eight skeins of light blue.   I think that will make a nice baby boy blanket.

I have 11 months left to use all of the yarn I can!  When it warms up, I don't have too much time to knit or crochet.  Time to put yarn back in my suitcase for layover projects!

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