A Winter Garden

3:55 PM

It was unseasonably warm here in the Denver Metro area this past week.  Unfortunately I was not around to enjoy it.  Work does tend to get in the way of many things!  Anyhoo, I had planned to dig up some carrots for the dogs on my one day off.  Didn't happen.  My plan was to dig some today after I ran a couple of "must do" errands.  By the time I got home it had clouded over and was spitting snow.  I grabbed my garden gloves and shovel and ran to the garden.  There was a row and a half of carrots left in the garden.  My plan was to dig them all up and put some of the carrots in a box in the garage.  However, I only got the half of a row dug up before it was snowing big, heavy, wet flakes of snow.

I had grabbed the peeler before I went to the garden.  Yep.  Buffet and Henley won't eat the carrots unless they are peeled.  I peel the carrots right into the compost bin.  By the time I was done peeling the pile of carrots I was soaking wet and cold.  So I'm glad I only got part of them dug up.  I don't think it is supposed to get so cold that the ground will freeze in the next week or so.   That way I can get the rest of the carrots dug up before it does freeze.  Last year I dug carrots in February.  The year before, they froze into  mush and I had to throw them away.

Once the carrots are peeled, I rinse them off and then chop them into chunks.  The boys get carrots chunks in their evening kibble.  We now have four containers of carrot chunks.   We are set!

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  1. What we do way up north is to cover the row of carrots with a good thick layer of straw (bales are even better)...the carrots stay fresh and lovely right through the winter!

    1. Does the ground freeze under the straw? That happened a couple of years ago...the ground froze and they turned to mush. I've got mulched leaves around them for now. I'll try straw next year!


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