A Busy Week...

12:38 PM

This past week work took me to Minneapolis/St. Paul.  Or rather Bloomington, MN.  The hotel was right across the street from the Mall of America.  I was so excited to go shopping.  Don't get me wrong.  I hate to shop, but the thought of being able to stroll the mall and look at pretty clothes and shoes without a baby getting fussy and stroller bound was just what I needed.  I had birthday cash ready to spend.  And I need some new workout clothes.

I bought myself NOTHING!  That's right.  Not one thing.  I bought my husband a Newfie calendar because it was half off.  And I bought Corrine some new shoes because they were really cute Laura Ashley and on clearance.  I think it is because I had money to spend that I didn't find anything I liked.  But I didn't even try on clothes.  I had a hard time with the idea of spending money on clothes for myself when there are more important things I'd rather buy.  I think I'm becoming, dare I say it?  Cheap?  Thrifty?  I'm not sure what to call it.

We had a busy week here at the Miller household.  On Wednesday we (that would be Bryan, myself plus Grandma and Grandpa) took Corrine to the National Western Stock Show.  We go every year, but this year we toured through the eyes of a one year old.  We went to all of the exhibits geared towards kids.  Grandpa took her through the petting farm.  In the petting farm were goats, sheep, ducks, some potbellied pigs and a donkey.

After the petting farm, we walked through the cattle barn.  On the day we were there, the Highland Cattle were in the barn.  I grew up knowing Herefords.  Several years ago I was introduced to the Highland Cattle.  We live in an urban neighborhood, but our property is grandfathered in as horse property from back in the days when it used to be a farming community.  I asked Bryan if he thought we could get a couple head of cattle.  He said to stick with my dream of honeybees...a Newfie was big enough in our back yard!

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