A Doctor a Day

4:46 PM

We have been to the Doctors office everyday this week.  Last week Corrine had an ear infection and we put her on Amoxicillin.  On Sunday she was fussy and wouldn't eat a thing.  Monday morning she woke up like normal.  I changed her diaper and noticed a little rash on her side.  I didn't think anything of it and we went about our morning routine.  An hour later the poor thing was completely covered in hives.  So we went to the Dr. that afternoon.  Corrine is allergic to the Amoxicillin.  Luckily her ear infection had been cleared up.  Off to the pharmacy to buy some Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream.

Corrine had a sleep over with Grandma and Grandpa Monday night.  When she woke up on Tuesday morning she had puffed up and had angry red hives.  I called the triage nurse at our pediatricians office and she said we needed to bring her in right away.  Her poor little face was swollen as were her hands, feet and legs.   They wanted to check on her swollen joints to make sure they weren't going to be bothered.

She never acted like the hives bothered her.  Her little feet were so swollen she couldn't wear shoes.  And when she can't wear shoes, she doesn't wear socks.  

We had to go back to the Doctor on Wednesday for a follow up to make sure the allergy hadn't progressed to something more worrisome.  As if having a swollen baby wasn't already a worry.  On Wednesday her swelling had gone down a bit and the hives on her legs had faded from an angry red to a light pink.

Today her swelling is gone and just about every hive has faded to about nothing.  No more antibiotics in the "Cillin" family ever again.  I'm just grateful that it didn't affect her breathing.  

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  1. Poor thing :( Later on, when she is a little older, you might want to consider getting her allergy tested to see if it was a true allergy to all penicillin-type antibiotics or a sensitivity she may outgrow. Happy to hear she is feeling better!!

  2. Oh, poor sweet baby (and mama!) Glad she is all better now. I'm horribly allergic to penicillin - my parents found out the hard way when I was a baby, too. No fun :(

  3. Poor little poppet. Glad she is ok now. My eldest had a bad reaction to lentils of all things when she was little and was covered with hives all over too. Suffice to say, we don't cook much with lentils even now. Jacinta


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