St. Patrick's Day!

10:03 AM

St. Patrick's Day is a HUGE holiday in our house.  On March 1st, I decorate.  I put up green lights in the window, hang the shamrock on the front door, and put out the green table linens.  I do much more, but it would take forever to list it all.   Occasionally we actually make it to the parade downtown.

My husband and I buy five or so packages of corned beef at the market while they are on sale.  We freeze them and eat them all year.  One year we bought enough to eat one a month.  Did I mention we love corned beef?  Tonight we are going to ride our bikes down to the local pub for corned beef dinner.

Bryan proposed to me on March 15th.  Proposal day had to be it's own holiday and March 17th was already taken!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day -- what a fun holiday to celebrate!


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