Those Damn Weeds

5:23 PM

Of all the things that survive the winter in the garden are the things I really wish wouldn't.  I spend all spring and summer fighting the weeds only to find those suckers are hardy enough to live through the freezing and the snow.  Today I dug up dandelions and common mallow.  That is just what's coming up now.  Later in the life of the garden I will have common purslane (which apparently is edible and served in salads- not at my house), prickly lettuce and to my horror bindweed.  The bindweed is a gift from the neighbors.  Their yard is covered in bindweed and it spreads to my yard where I am fighting a never ending battle.

Once a week I am in the garden with my butter knife and spade weeding.  If I stay on top of it, then my time is actually very relaxing.  If the weeds have taken over my anxiety level increases.  Gardening is supposed to be relaxing!

Look at the size of those roots!  And of course they reach all the way to China.  There is no way I got all of the root so I'll have more dandelions later.
I wanted to get the weeds out of the way so hubby can rototill the garden later this week (while it is still in the upper 60's!).  That way I can start planting the early, cool weather spring crops!

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