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How does your Garden Grow?

My spinach does not grow.  Nor do my onions.  The weeds are going to town thanks in part to the neighbors total lack of respect for how weeds take over.   But I digress.  Considering it got really hot, really fast, my cool weather crops are doing quite well.  And with the bit of rain we got last week the seeds I planted are sprouting.

Here we have broccoli, kale, radishes (we've eaten a lot of them already), lettuce, beets and spinach.   These are all of the plants I started back in April when it was still reasonably cool.  Given how hot it has been, I probably should have started them in March.  
The potato bucket.  And some horseradish.  We tried the potato bucket last year and I don't think I watered them enough.  We only had about 5 marble size potatoes.  This year they look ten times better, so I can only hope there are bigger potatoes in there.   My husband also twisted my arm to plant his beloved horseradish.  I'll try not to kill this plant too.  
The rhubarb.  We have already used so much rhubarb this season.  I'll probably pick some this week and get out the handy dandy vacuum sealer and freeze some bags of rhubarb for this winter.

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  1. Ah, I love Rhubarb so much! At least that is growing well. I feel your pain though, my mother's garden is suffering from lack of rain too.

  2. my cool weather crops have grown, but now they are bolting like crazy. my bok choi is flowering and the spinach isn't far behind it. at least my peas are still producing.
    i'm really jealous of all of your rhubarb! so yummy! and i'm curious to hear how the horseradish goes. sounds potentially very good.


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