Yarn Along

7:38 AM

I am joining Ginny for the weekly yarn along.  It is all about books and knitting.  Two things I certainly didn't get much of this past week.

I decided that I did not like the Ten Stitch Blanket I was making.  It wasn't that I didn't like the pattern.  I did.  I think the pattern is one that needs a variegated yarn.  So I ripped it out and rolled up the small balls of yarn.  Last week I spent two hours on Ravelry looking for new patterns.  I found some that I really like, but will need a lot of the same yarn to make it.  So I tried to stick with patterns that can be made with random scraps of yarn.

The new blanket that I started is based on two that I found on Ravelry.  I cast on 200 stitches (because what was called for in one pattern didn't look like enough).  Knit 5, Purl 5.  Change colors after the small ball has run its course.  Or 5 rows.  Depends.  I think if I have enough for 6 rows I'll be okay with it.  If there is only enough for 3 or 4 that is okay too.

I also have been thumbing through our Switzerland book again.  We are planning a trip there in September.  I think planning a vaca is almost as much fun as taking a trip.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

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  1. The planning is always more exciting for me! It's like the days leading up to Christmas. It's sad that you ripped out the blanket but if you were not happy then it had to be done. The new colors are fabulous :)

  2. Switzerland?? Sounds like an amazing trip already! You know, that blanket might make a good travel project!

  3. Can't wait to see your blanket when you're done.

    Switzerland, huh? That must be a really cool place to visit. :-)

  4. Glad you found another pattern. It's so easy to get lost on Ravelry looking for patterns. Happy knitting. Jacinta

  5. What a great idea for a blanket! I have tons of small balls of yarn that really aren't enough for much of anything. A scrap blanket sounds neat!

  6. Ohh a holiday to switzerland sounds amazing!!! Enjoy the planning!

  7. Hi, I'm stopping by from the yarn along. Switzerland? Ohhh.... sounds amazing! Hope you'll blog about it. :) Nice to "meet" you.


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