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6:30 AM

Happy first day of Autumn!

I love this time of year.  At night there is a chill in the air.  We've turned off the AC and opened the windows and doors.  It does warms up quite nicely during the day and when it does warm up, I've been slowly putting the garden to bed.  The poor garden was a bit neglected this summer.  The lettuce went to seed, there were weeds everywhere and only three onions grew.  I picked the last (giant) zucchini, looked for any cucumbers worth picking and pulled up those plants.  

There are a gazillion tomatoes but half of them are not ripe yet.  This is the time of year to keep an eye on the weather.  It hasn't gotten cold enough yet to freeze, but in Colorado anything is possible.  Even though I don't like tomatoes, I've got plans for them!  Salsa, tomato sauce....mmmmmm....dee-lish!  

We've eaten a lot out of the garden this summer.  We've given away bags of produce to a couple of friends who make juice.  However.  If we were to make many meals out of the potatoes, we'd starve.  
This is my potato harvest.  And this is DOUBLE the amount of potatoes that grew last year.  Now I totally understand why my Irish ancestors starved during the famine.  OK.  OK.  I know it's not the same thing at all.  Better luck next year is all I can say!!

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  1. Even if the garden was a little neglected, you still got a great payoff, so many amazing things came out of it this season.

  2. My garden is completely done. We had peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers which I loved the best. I've never tried potatoes...

  3. We have some nice-looking potatoes this year, but a very small harvest compared to last year :( Definitely running out of potatoes before winter is up - I wonder if the strange weather stunted them somehow?


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