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6:00 AM

It's Wednesday and that means it's time for the weekly yarn along.  I feel like I got a bit accomplished this week.  I finished my second Miranda hat.  I worked on my Linus Project blankets.  And I got sucked into Ravelry.  I decided to knit my sister in law a cowl for Christmas.  I found a shaw pattern instead.  Of course I had to run right out to the yarn shop to find the perfect yarn.  I did.  But it was $30 and I needed two skeins of it.  $60 is a bit out of my budget right now.   I even went to JoAnn Fabric to find some cheaper yarn but nothing jumped out at me.  On Saturday I went to a different yarn shop with out the munchkin so I would have uninterrupted yarn time.  I did find some nice pink wool silk fingering yarn.   I plan on packing this yarn and starting tomorrow on my first layover.

This is my finished Miranda hat.  (I tried to get creative like Tracey over at Clover, but it just didn't work).

Tuesdays is baby story time at the library and since we got there early I had to time to peruse the bookshelves.  I found two books to read which is silly, really, since I'm already reading two books.  Now I'll have to put those to the side since the library books are new and not renewable.
Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

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  1. I am glad to hear I am not the only one who gets sucked into Ravelry, my goodness but I spend too much time there!
    I have found some very lovely yarns, but alas my budget won't allow me to bring them home so I understand how you felt.
    Oh, and I love your photo, it looks just great!

  2. Love that yarn that you did find.

    Ooooo! You'll have to let me know how you like both of those books.

  3. Lol I am always getting sucked into ravelry, I really need to just turn the computer off to get anything done!!

  4. Ravelry is a very dangerous place. I love the yarn you chose it's beautiful and I bet your sis in law will LOVE it!

  5. I love that hat! I think it will have to be the next one I do...and those books are the ones on my sister's and my nightstands. :) Aren't they fun? This week I'm sharing a Sunday Sweater test knit. :)

  6. $60, that must have been very fancy yarn. I think the yarn you ended up buying has to be just as good though, look at the gorgeous color and soft blend. Your sister in law is super lucky to have someone to knit for her!

  7. The price of yarn is crazy!! But it's sooo beautiful! I love the Miranda Hat pattern! I am so addicted to Ravelry too!


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