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I had every intention of blogging while we were on vacation.  I paid for the global data plan on my phone so I could blog.  Or at least post photos.  I even had a partial blog composed in my head.   Never even got around to opening the blogger app.

Switzerland was amazing.  And very expensive.  (We went to Burger King in the Zurich airport for coffee- the cheapest value meal was 15 CHF and the franc is stronger than the dollar!).  I bought us a Swiss Pass before we left the states.  It was a four day pass and we made good use of it.  Two days of travel to and from the Zurich airport.  One day of fun travel in the area we stayed.  And one day from Interlaken to Lucerne, plus a boat trip on Lake Lucerne.

We stayed in Wengen Switzerland which is in the Berner Oberland.  Wengen is on a hillside above Lauterbrunnen.  You can only get to Wengen by the train.  There are cars there, but mostly for the hotels to shuttle guests to and from the train.  There are carts to shuttle cargo and golf carts, but most everyone walks.  It's not hard, it's a small village.  We walked a lot.  We hiked a lot.  My feet hurt.

This is the view from our dinner table at the hotel we stayed at.  The mountain is the Jungfrau.  
This is the North Face of the Eiger.  For a long time the mountain was thought to be impossible to climb.  We are in Kleine Scheidegg.  That day just happened to be the Jungfrau Marathon.  The last 13 miles are uphill.  No thanks!  We hiked around on this side of the valley for a day.  
On the second night we were there, they had the Wengen Folk Evening.  It didn't start until 9PM, which was late for us since we had hiked all day and we were pretty jet lagged.  But we are glad we went.  Fascinating evening.  They had yodelers, dancers, bell players, and the big horn.
The big horn makes such beautiful music.  
It was a fast week.  We hiked for four days, spend a day in Lucern where we did a lake cruise and then traveled for 24 hours (between flights and layovers) to get home.  Corrine did amazingly well traveling that far for that long.  She's flown a lot, but that was the longest trip she's done. 
This is Corrine riding the train from Lauterbrunnen to Interlaken.  She was the welcoming committee on the trains.  She said hi and bye to everyone who got on or off the train.  

As much as I love to travel and experience other cultures, there is nothing like coming home.  Home Sweet Home.  

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  1. Oh it is difficult blogging on the go, not as fun as whatever you are currently doing at the time, that's for sure. This looks like it was an absolutely lovely trip! You have definitely made me put it down as a future destination!

  2. Wowee zowee! I can't imagine traveling that far with a toddler!! But what a great experience, not to mention the time you spent in Switzerland. The mountains are gorgeous - the hiking must have been amazing!


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