Five Years!

6:00 AM

Five years ago today was the biggest wedding celebration EVER.  
Bryan and I were married in front of 180 of our closest friends and family.  We wanted our wedding to be a fun celebration and that is exactly what we got.  It was important to us that everyone have a good time.   We had a Celtic duo playing traditional Irish music for the reception immediately following the ceremony.  Then we had a DJ and lots of dancing after dinner.  We even had a congo line going around the restaurant and through the kitchen!  

In the five years since we have had to compromise (hard for both of us, but we have learned) as a couple.  We annoy each other to no end.  We have fun together and we do a lot of things together.  We have welcomed the most beautiful baby girl into our family.  While it is not always easy, we make it work.  

We are truly blessed.  Happy Anniversary.  I love you.  

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  1. happy anniversary-you make a sweet sweet couple!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Jenn!!!!!

  3. Oh happy anniversary! You two are amazing : )

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and Brian!! I hope you both have a wonderful holiday weekend :-)

  5. Awww, happy anniversary! What a beautiful wedding photo. I love your hair short!


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