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5:30 AM

It's Wednesday again and that means it's time for the weekly yarn along.  I'm joining with Ginny and everyone for a weekly update on books and knitting.  I was off all week and really didn't get a whole lot of either accomplished.  I did manage to finish of square number two (brown- on the left) for the April member of the month in my square swap group.  I then quickly crocheted this pink square for the May member.  This is one of my favorite go to crochet baby blanket patterns that I modified to make a square instead of a whole blanket.  Next step- blocking and mailing.  

Today I worked for a while on the citron while waiting at the mechanic for my car to be fixed.  (Hubby- out of town.  The G's- out of town.  Corrine- at the babysitter.  So why not sit and knit?).  I am on the fifth section and will probably add two or three more sections to make it bigger.  I have plenty of yarn and probably will not use it for anything else.  I'm not really liking this lace weight yarn, it just feels funny working with something so thin.

I finally finished The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling.  I didn't particularly care for the book, mostly because I love Harry Potter so much and this was such a complete turnaround from that type of book.  I can't say I hated it, but I didn't like it either.  I'm not sure what to read next.  I've got a ton of books on my bookshelf from a friend who reads them then passes them off to me.  She's retired and reads a lot.  I have a two year old and am too tired at night to read.  Ha.  Ha.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday.

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  1. Sounds like fun to share granny squares. :)

  2. I only read the beginning of Casual Vacancy and I really disliked it enough to quit reading it. I think I was turned off by the potty language. I'm all for a sprinkling of salty language but not being beaten over the head with it. Yours squares are beautiful! Can't wait to see your citron!!!

  3. I like the bright pink color of that 2nd square! So pretty. Sorry you were disappointed with the JK Rowling book. I hope your next book is better :)


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