Spring is Here

7:31 PM

After all of unseasonable temperatures we had in April, May has been definitely spring like.  I was afraid that we would go from winter to summer, but while it has been warm, it hasn't been too hot.  
Iris and lilacs are flowers I associate with spring.  Tulips too.  But the tulips did not fare well in the cold and were bruised and broken with the weight of the snow we had every week.  

 These iris are in the front yard.  Last  year I divided all of the iris in the back yard so I'm not sure how  many will bloom this year.
This funny lilac is on the same branch!  One white bunch amongst all of the purple.  And it's the only one.

Sadly, the apple and plum trees did not bloom this year.  The cherry tree did bloom, so we'll see what happens in about six weeks.  And I heard the peach trees on the Western Slope got frozen too.  It will be a bummer year for fresh Colorado fruit.  The neighbors crabapple tree did not bloom either.  I'm only partially disappointed because it is the most spectacular pink tree when in bloom, but not so disappointed because my side yard won't be covered in crabapples!

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  1. So pretty. I'm already jealous I am on the wrong side of the world from this weather!

  2. My one lilac tree did that this year, at the top we had white, I think it ran out of color ;) Lovely flowers and a bummer that some trees did not bloom this year.

  3. So funny there's one white lilac bunch amongst all the purple! I looooove lilacs :)

  4. Sorry to hear that a lot of the trees aren't flowering, I can definitely see late springs and sudden drops in temperature being part of the problem. At least you have your lilacs! Those are definitely one of my favorites.


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