Rainy Days

10:53 AM

It has been raining on the front range for SEVEN days!  And not just a rain shower or two, but everyday raining.  It has ranged from a nice, gentle drizzle to cats and dogs type of rain.  It started raining last Monday afternoon and has rained pretty much non stop since.  On Thursday it started flooding.  There are so many canyons running from the front range mountains down to the plains and they are all flooding (or in the case of the one closest to us, rock slides).  

Boulder started flooding first.  Downtown Boulder is in a flood plain.  Lyons, Estes Park, Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Evans and Jamestown.  The list does go on.  Jamestown is a small town above Boulder and from what I've heard most of it is gone.  
This is Coal Creek Canyon and it is the canyon I grew up in.  There are several spots the highway is washed out and this is (I believe) the first one.   My parents went up the house on Saturday to check on it and had to go up Clear Creek Canyon and around.  But at the time they were able to get there.  A neighbor called them yesterday to tell them the dirt road to the house has been washed out.  My dad was headed up today to check on the damage to the road.  And that's if he can get there. We've since heard that the canyon is closed at the top (close to where the house is) because the road is washed out.

So many people are stranded.  We have some friends who can't leave their house because there is no road to town.  They are safe and have food and water, so they are lucky.  Others aren't so.  My heart goes out to them.  There is just so much devastation and damage.  I know you can't prepare for a flood and a flash flood is just that.  A flash.  There was no warning.  There was just water.  Lots and lots of water.  Mother Nature seems to be very angry right now.   And she wins every time.

As I type this the sun is trying to come out.  Come on Sunshine.  We've missed you!

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  1. Oh goodness my thoughts are with everyone affected. It's so scary - flash flooding and the like. It's amazing how powerful water can be...

  2. I have you in my prayers Jen, it really is so sad. I have lived through several hurricanes and have seen Mother Nature when she's angry and it's not pretty. I wish you many days of sunshine!

  3. I saw some coverage on this earlier today on the news and it is just so shocking. I'm keeping everyone in my prayers and I hope the rain will stop soon!

  4. I hope the sun shines and stops the rain. How stressful!!


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