This Week in the Garden- - September 17

2:51 PM

This past week was a rough week in the garden.  Last Monday it hailed, and while we had enough pea sized hail to cover the yard, we were lucky.  A mile west of us had a foot of hail.  They had to get out the plows!  The big leafed plants did not fair well.  This obliterated plant was a cucumber.  I picked the last of the cucumbers and pulled up the plant.  The squash and zucchini don't look much better.  I haven't pulled them just yet since there are a couple of blossoms left.  I've got my fingers crossed that they become something.  
 The pumpkins and kale didn't fair any better.
 But at least there are some pumpkins turning orange.  I'll wait a while to pull those.
 And while everything got a little beat up, for the most part we are still enjoying the bounty!  This is more potatoes than we've gotten in the last two years combined and I haven't finished digging them up.
 The tomatoes will become sauce.  We'll probably just eat the cucumbers as salad.
Usually this is a busy time of year in the garden, but everything has been slow this year.  With the crazy weather we've had, it's more important to watch the weather and know when to get out the frost blankets for those straggler veggies!

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  1. I hope the hail damage is minimized and that they become something. It's been a strange late-summer early-autumn hasn't it?

  2. bummer that your garden isn't as strong as previous years, but with the weather you've had I guess your lucky. Beautiful pumpkins! And just in time for Halloween :)

  3. Your pumpkins look good at least! Things are starting to slow down quite a bit in our garden. The cucumbers have been done for a while, but we are still getting tomatoes.


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