Random Thoughts on Thursday

12:30 AM

*  Last week Corrine came into our room while I was making the bed.  It was 7:33am.  She looked at the clock, gasped a little and said, "oh my.  It's 9:02.  I'm late for work."  Then she turned and left.  I laughed my butt off.

*  Last week it was in the upper 90's which is way too hot.  Especially for September.  This week it has been in the 60's.  That would be perfect.  Except is has been raining every day.  The back yard is getting spongy.  Streets are flooding.  A mile west of us, the streets had to be plowed.   They got a foot of hail!  Crazy!

*  I'm trying to decide if it is time to cut out Corrine's nap.  I think she still needs one mid day.  The problem, however, is at night.  She seems to be staying up later and later.  There are nights we'd like to go to bed early (especially if we have an early wake up).  She will get out of bed a half a dozen times and she uses all of the time honored tricks to stay up...potty, thirsty, monsters, etc.

*  Grace (the Ameraucana chicken) started laying eggs the end of last week.  Tiny little pinkish/beige eggs.  Her eggs are not as brown as the Buff Orpingtons eggs, but I thought Ameraucanas laid blue/green eggs.  Who cares though.  They are still tasty!

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  1. Ameraucana's can lay a wide range of colors and how exciting that Grace is laying. The first eggs are called pullet eggs and I think they are just the right size for little ones.

    I was thinking about you this morning while watching the WeatherChannel and had planned on sending an email. Your weather looks so bad and I wanted to make sure you were okay. Although I won't mind having temps in the 60's, we are still in the 90's!

    Sounds like it might be time to cut out naps. You can always change bedtime and make it a little earlier if Corrine gets too tired.

    Stay safe!

  2. Jen PLEASE send some of that 60 degree weather my way! It's still upper-80s here in KY. Crazy. I am ready for 60 degree days :) perfect weather to me.

  3. Haha, that first one cracked me up! Kids are so funny :)

  4. Oh good luck with the naps! Both of mine gave them up around 2 1/2 I was so sad!! But they were in bed by 7:30 p.m.!!!! That was the nice part.

  5. You are such an intuitive mom, I wouldn't know the first thing about nap times and so forth! When chickens start laying they are often very erratic, you'll get cute tiny eggs, funny colored eggs. Sometimes the chickens get mixed with another breed, so that may explain not getting green/blue eggs. If you look at their "ears", the little patch of exposed skin on the side of their head, the color of that skin corresponds to their egg color.


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