A Finished Sweater

6:00 AM

Finally.  A finished sweater for Corrine.  As soon as this Hanorah sweater pattern was posted on Sezza Knits I knew I had to knit it for Corrine.  With the bulky yarn, it will be perfect for spring and early fall cool weather wearing.  The pattern was super easy to follow.  And after the increases for the sleeves, it even allowed for mindless TV watching knitting.  

I made the 3T size figuring that she is soon to be in that size.  However, while knitting on the airplane coming home from Disneyland in January I knew I was coming close to the end of the body of  the sweater, but I didn't have a tape measure.  So it's a tad long on her right now.  Actually the whole thing is big on her.  But I'd rather she wear it for a long while rather than spend all that time knitting for her to wear it for a few short months because she outgrew it. 
 I had wanted really wanted the little white and yellow daisy buttons, but I could only find four of them.  As I was laying out the buttons to see which ones looked better I hit upon this pattern and and loved it.
It's long but not as long as it looks due to the camera angle
She was very excited that her sweater is finished, but she did remark "it's too big."  Which she says a lot anyway (unless I happen to say something is too small).

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  1. Little ones grow over night and it won't be long before it fits to a tee. I think it's smart to make it a little big.
    I love it Jen, especially the buttons.
    Corrine looks so sweet.

  2. It's so beautiful!! And Tracey is right, she will grow into it in no time :)

  3. I LOVE it! those buttons are adorable and make the outfit, well done. Better too big than too small, you know she will get many many months of wear :)

  4. Very cute sweater and I love the buttons! It will fit her next winter at least!

  5. It is so cute!!! I really love those buttons. Totally makes the sweater!

  6. I love this sweater, adorable... and adorable girl!


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