Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

* Holy Cow!  Winter has returned to Denver!  It snowed several times last week and it never got warm enough to melt.  Then it snowed all day on Tuesday.  On Wednesday the high was 3 degrees.  We have hunkered down in the house, even the dogs.  The ladies haven't come out of their coop either.  Not that I blame them.   When we shovel the snow off the patios we pile it on the north side of our garage patio.  We call it Henley's ice berg.  Since it doesn't get that much sun, it is one of the last piles to melt.  When it warms up enough he will lay on it until there is nothing left.  
*  On Tuesday while we were hanging out in the house I made yogurt.  This time I skipped the yogurt maker and followed this easy greek yogurt recipe from my sister in law's blog.  It was so easy!  I let it strain overnight in the refrigerator because I thought it was too runny when I went to bed.  Let me tell you, it's fabulous.  I'll be making this one again for sure (and soon since we eat so much yogurt).

* I went to the gym Wednesday afternoon and it was pretty crowded.   We were there as soon as the afternoon day care shift opened but since it's freezing outside, there were more people there than usual. I opened about four lockers before I found an empty one to put my boots and coat into.  It amazes me how many women will put their stuff in a locker and not lock it.  I'm not that trusting.  It crossed my mind for about 2 seconds to move someone's stuff just to see how much they would freak out.  Of course I would never do it.  I'm a huge believer in Karma and that would come back on me in a big way.

Happy Thursday!  Stay warm out there.

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  1. Its been the same sort of weather here on the east coast. Darn snow. And now it's cold...
    I don't think I would leave my things unlocked either. With my luck it would all be gone upon my return!

  2. We have (for once) had a snowy winter here in KY! But I would much rather have a Colorado winter someday!

  3. we've been pounded by the snow here. I'm not complaining though and my husband clears the driveway :) Stay warm!!

  4. I'm going to check out that yogurt recipe! It sounds yummy. I hope you guys warm up soon. This morning it was seven degrees here! So over winter.


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