A Sweater Vest

8:14 AM

C's sweater vest is finished!  She wanted to wear it the day it was completed.  It's been in the upper 90's.  I said no and packed it into the drawer for this fall.   It's a little big, but it will be nice to wear over shirts for extra warmth outside this fall when coats aren't really needed yet.
This vest is called "vest with splits and optional hood"  the pattern was sent to me by Jodi from practisingsimplicity.  She had a picture of her little boy wearing one and I loved it.  She graciously mailed me a copy of the pattern all the way from Australia!

The yarn is Cascade Superwash DK that has been dyed with Kool-Aid.  We used black cherry, ice blue raspberry, lemonade and strawberry.  And then we mixed some of those colors together to make some interesting combinations.  It was a very easy pattern to follow, although I did mess up the bottom of the back and when I actually followed the directions on the front, I had to rip back to make it match the back.

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  1. It came out just great Jen and I think it was a smart move to have it a little big, Miss Corrine is really growing.

  2. How awesome!! Can you knit me a Christmas sweater??

  3. she is just adorable and yay for a finished knit! You seem to be finishing a lot of projects this season :)


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