Random Thoughts on Thursday

8:53 AM

*  Holy Hot Tamales Batman!  Summer is here.  It's been in the upper 90's since last weekend.  I missed the 70 degree day last week while I was at work.  Although that day it was very humid so I'd rather have the 90's.  It's a dry heat.

Even the little dog decided to get in on the sprinkler action to cool down!  (which is saying something, Buffett doesn't like the water...)

*  A friend I went to high school with has written a book!  The Kindle edition of Las Hechizadas is currently available for a limited time for $.99!  I've not read it yet, but it's been on my "too read" list since I found out Anne wrote a book.  I'm really excited for her and will purchase the book tonight when we get home from playing in the mountains.  If you do buy the book, please review it on Amazon!

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  1. As you know it's hot and humid here. How exciting to have your friend write a book, I will be checking it out.
    Hope you have had fun playing in the mountains.

  2. We had a cold front breeze through and it's wonderful! Even Frodo loves sitting once more in the sun :)

  3. do try to stay cool.....i am, but trudging back to the heat in a couple days. Love the idea of a friend writing a book.....the friend I'm visiting has written several (but they are all educators books on curriculum!!!!!!! I'm getting to contribute to the newest teacher manual!!! Don't hold your breath...it's a paragraph or two on water in Kenya!!!!!)


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