Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

*  For two weeks now, my sweet baby girl has complained that her bed is not comfortable and she would rather sleep in our bed.  She has been sleeping on a small toddler bed with a crib mattress.  Crib mattresses are super firm for babies and not at all soft.  So today, she got her very own room.  She's always had her own room, but we had stuff in there as well.  Today we moved my husbands desk to the basement and traded the guest bed to her room.

Ignore the clutter, it's a work in progress!

This was the bedroom set my parents bought me when I was five.  We'll have to get new bedding for her.  I'd like to shop around a bit.  I don't want anything to babyish, but I don't want garrish and childish either.  Something plain that she can grow with.  And pink.  I do believe my mom made the canopy when I was young so we may have to enlist her help for a new one.  In pink.  

*  We went to the beach while we were in San Francisco.  I couldn't believe how many people were playing in the water.  It was cold water and it was a cloudy day.  Not a great mix.   
We walked on the beach and collected sand dollars.  I dislike the sand immensely and don't like that it gets all over my feet.  (Hey, I'm a mountain girl!).  I must have scrubbed my feet for 10 minutes in the little shower station by the restrooms.  

Happy Thursday my friends!

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  1. I bet your daughter is so glad to get her own bedroom! I hope you have a great day and a great Labor Day weekend!

  2. Awww, that's so sweet! She's thrilled, I'm sure! The beach sounds heavenly, I haven't been all year.

  3. yay new room! I know you will find the perfect bedding eventually. I'm not a fan of super sandy feet either :)

  4. The perfect bed for a big girl! I adore the canopy, so sweet for a girl I think.
    I have a friend who will only put white bedding on beds and then she changes it up with different pillows and curtains, I'm trying it out here and liking it too.


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