The 52 Project- July

8:43 AM

Another month of The 52 Project has come and gone (it just means this summer has FLOWN by). 
The 52 Project is a portrait a week for a year.   For the month of July we have:
27/52 (7/6)- Pretty in pink...Ballet class this summer.
 28/52 (7/13)- napping in the laundry basket with her stuffies.
 29/52 (7/20)- I love her devilish grin- she's going to the water park with daddy.
 30/52 (7/27)- On the climbing wall at the Mt. Carmel Bazaar.

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  1. I love tutu's and ballet pink, I hope Miss Corrine had a wonder time at lessons.
    My daughter, Erin, took ballet and dance all the way until college, there just wasn't time anymore.
    Look at Miss C on the climbing wall! I have always wanted to do that.

  2. Wow she's already beat me to rock-climbing LOL

  3. she is growing quickly! I love her ballet outfit, my daughter took lessons as well back then, and boy! rock climbing! wow!

  4. The glasses she's wearing are so cute! Love all these pics of her, so much fun to look at :)


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